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Best Secret Containers And Diversion Safes

Updated on August 5, 2013

Keep Your Valuables Safe In Hidden Containers

Secret containers and diversion cans safes keep small valuables hidden from would be thieves by hiding them in plain view. These common everyday household containers and items blend in with their surroundings, making them ideal places to hide jewelry, money or medication when you are not home to keep guard yourself. Choosing the perfect diversion safe or hidden container depends greatly on personal needs, lifestyle and preference. The entire premise of the nifty secret safes is to cleverly choose and place them so that would be burglars will not have the faintest idea that the very things that they are searching for are concealed right under their noses.

Photo by Kyle MacDonald via Flickr
Photo by Kyle MacDonald via Flickr

Hide Your Valuables Where Thieves Won't Find Them

Before you pick a secret spot or choose a secret container to hide your valuables, it is important to know NOT where to hide things. Many burglars will head straight to the master bedroom, assuming that they will find the most items of interest to them there, Night tables and underwear drawers are obvious draws for thieves, as is the standard 'under the mattress' location. Medicine cabinets are also on the top of their list. If they have more time, they will be able to snoop out some more secret places and check in containers throughout the home. If a diversion safe is well placed and a secret container part of the normal decor of the room, chances are they will pass right over it. Of course, that is the whole idea. There are numerous style of household diversion safe items and unobvious secret containers to choose from. Only you will be able to determine which hiding spot works best for you.

Diversion Safes For The Kitchen - Use Everyday Kitchen Food Containers To Hide Valuables

The benefit to placing a hidden diversion safe can in the kitchen is that kitchen cupboards and refrigerators tend to be busy places and your container will not raise any suspicions. The trick to hiding a secret container in the kitchen is to make sure it blends in. If you have a cupboard full of cat food and one random can of rootbeer sitting on the ledge, you run a risk of drawing attention to your hiding spot. Make sure to hide the container among identical or similar food containers. Soda can diversion safes can look obvious if they are stand alone or if you have a thirsty thief. Hidden drink containers usually work much better when they are placed in a case of like drinks, located in the cold room, garage or wherever you would normally store a case of pop. Of course, if the thief or snoop is closer to home and has access to your food supply, this may not be the best choice for you.

More Diversion Safe Cans For The Pantry

Make Your Own Secret Container

This video show you how to make a diversion can safe out of an empty can of fruit.

Install This Secret Container In Any Room

Hidden wall safes can make great hiding spots for small valuables and are rarely targeted by thieves.

1 X Hidden Wall Safe
1 X Hidden Wall Safe

Smartly disguised as a wall outlet, this diversion safe is flexible as far as location goes. Suited perfectly to hide your best jewelry or cash, it is unlikely that anyone will even notice is, especially when placed low behind a piece of furniture. Requiring a screw driver to access it also makes it less likely that a burglar would discover its contents.


Diversion Can Safes For The Bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, secret containers in the bathroom can get lost among authentic toiletries. Common sense would tell you that if you have more than one washroom, you wouldn't want to place these items in the one that gets guest traffic. Again, stand alone diversion can hidden containers will look more conspicuous.

Think Smart

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Utilizing more than one secret diversion safe is always a good idea and cuts down on your risk of loss even further.

Diversion Safes For Around The House - Secret Containers Hidden In Plain Sight

Here are some great secret containers that can be placed around the house, in subtle and appropriate spots.

Attractive Pear Scented Candle Safe - A Secret Container With Dual Functionality

Candle Safe
Candle Safe

This stylish candle kills two birds with one stone. It serves as a clever secret safe spot for your valuables as well as being a pear scented lightable candle that will compliment many decors without raising eyebrows.

How Clever Is Your Secret Hiding Spot

Has your secret container or hiding spot ever been discovered?

See results

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great ideas. Better safe in today's world. Very Nice Lens. Happy Holidays!

    • maryseena profile image


      6 years ago

      Great idea but individuals should device their own devices.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These little Hidden Containers are great diversions.


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