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bio-degradable,biodegrade hard plastics items list - all from starch made

Updated on February 16, 2012

biodegradable plastics water bottle



Before we go into the subject of biodegradable plastics , we must know something about plastics. Day today life, we use plastics in number ways. Starting from toys to medical equipment and other areas. So, plastics are inseparable from modern life.

Generally this question will arise,what is plastic? Plastic is a synthetic , man made polymer. Repetition of monomers ( same chemical compound or two different chemical compounds) forms big chain orderly or branched make this polymer. Alexander parkes , the first person who made the plastic called celluloid made out of cellulose at 1862. And the modern day plastic made by Hendrik Baekland in 1907 and he coined the word plastic. The Baeklite plastic which made used as electrical insulator , because of its properties.

Plastics are regarded for its durability and low cost . The plastics are made ,using petroleum products which depleting nowadays. And plastics are not decomposable by micro-organisms, thus make the environment pollution.

Bio-Degradable plastics

Bio degradable plastics are answer for the above said problems with plastics. Bio degradable plastics are made out of renewable , sustainable, eco friendly materials. As we know polymer are not only synthetic made, naturally available also. One of the naturally available polymer is starch. This starch is abundance in cereal plant and tuber's. Due to high solubility in water and swelling properties of starch it can't be used as plastics as such. This can be modified to use as bio degradable plastics.

Corn, wheat and potatoes  can be used for making bio degradable plastics. All this naturally available and renewable materials are subject to micro organisms attack in order to get lactic acid.This lactic acid is chemically treated to make polylactide -PLA  . This PLA is the one used as bio-degradable plastics.Even it is called as corn plastics. This type of plastics can be decomposed within 100 days. Using PLA , drug delivery systems, nappies, sutures , and even plant pots are made.Apart from this hot cups , cold cups and trash bags and cutlery are made. Only to withstand the heat inner linings are made using petroleum products.

Besides, bagasse are used for making cups and other eco - friendly items.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 4 years ago

      thank u

    • profile image

      Braidsenrisee 4 years ago

      I used to obtain at the top of life although as of late We have established a new opposition.

    • profile image

      Matt Sarconi 6 years ago


      I founded a company last year that makes educational toys that are comprised of simple tubular pieces. I'm exploring manufacturing processes for our future toys that use plant starch or other sustainable materials rather than the plastic that we currently use.

      Please take a look at out website, and let me know if you think there's an opportunity to make them from plant starch. I hope to hear back from you.


      Matt Sarconi

      Twisterz Toys

      San Francisco

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Thank u laughing loon for stopping by and commenting on this hub. Hope this hub can be outline for interested parties. Other things related to this topics may be of another hub.

    • laughing loon profile image

      Lynda -Bailey 7 years ago from South Los Angeles

      This subject is talked about everyday. Renewable plastics are being newly generated every day. Sure starch is the way to go. Great subject but there are many typos which made the article hard to understand.

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 7 years ago

      Thank u rui paiva for spending time for reading this hub and commenting. With present day situation Go Green is the best choice for healthy living.

    • rui paiva profile image

      rui paiva 7 years ago from Somewhere in the world

      It is important to invest in such technologies. Much of the products we buy contain some type of plastic that are largely beyond petroleum, are not biodegradable. The problem in moving more for these green technologies is the lobbying power of the petroleum industry. Excellent hub.