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Bird Wall Hooks: Beautiful and Practical Décor Accessories

Updated on March 20, 2015

Bird Wall Hooks - Beautiful Home Décor Gifts for Bird Lovers

Bird wall hooks are not only the perfect gift for a bird lover but a lovely, practical finishing touch for your own bird themed home décor. Practical and pretty, there's a bird wall hook for any decorating style.

Rustic cottage and shabby chic wall hooks in traditional style, or ultra-contemporary hooks that are the last word in design? Single bird hooks or a whole flock of birds on a multi-hook rack? The choice is yours! In the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, mudroom or entry hall - there's a place in every home for beautiful bird wall hooks.

Set of Two Tin Bird Cottage Wall Hooks
Set of Two Tin Bird Cottage Wall Hooks

Tin Bird Cottage Wall Hooks

Of all the cute and creative country style bird wall hooks that have caught my eye lately, this colorful set of two hooks is near the top of the pecking order. Tin is so traditional a craft material for decorative objects, to start with, it fits right in with any rustic or Americana décor. The layered appearance of these little creatures, with delicate detail and a truly artisanal look, reminds me of vintage china and handmade quilts in a cosy cottage, or perhaps a scrapbook of memories crafted with loving care.

Country Bird Wall Hooks

Shabby Chic or Cottage Style

Birds are a natural theme for a vintage country cottage or shabby chic decorating style, especially and the folk art style will work especially well in the more "practical" areas of your home, such as the porch or entry way, mudroom, kitchen, or perhaps your guest bathroom, depending on the other décor you've chosen.

Creative Co-Op Metal Bird Hook, Yellow
Creative Co-Op Metal Bird Hook, Yellow

The single (one hook) style is a real space-saver, this one in a distressed (chipped) pale yellow-beige paint color that looks just like something you'd see in a charming old farmhouse. Nice for a robe on the back of a door, or to make use of a very short run of kitchen wall to keep a hand towel at the ready.


How to Choose the Right Size of Wall Hook

Tip: First, measure the wall space where you plan to mount your bird hook, to help you select a product that's the right size. If you find it hard to visualize scale, cut a piece of cardboard in the rough size/shape of the wall hook and stick it up with a piece of painters tape so you can look at the effect from all angles. Cut the cardboard down or tape extra pieces on until you can see exactly what dimensions will work best in the space you have available to hang a hook or several hooks.

Painted Bird Wall Hooks - Metal Hooks with Dainty Colorful Birds

A little more delicate and feminine in design, these useful but decorative wall hooks are made of metal but painted to brighten your room with clear cheerful colors of flowers and birds. Will you choose a single wall hook, or a pretty bird-themed hanger with several hooks on it?

Love Birds Wall Hook 3 Hooks for Keys or Jewelry Bejeweled Flowers 6" x 5.25"
Love Birds Wall Hook 3 Hooks for Keys or Jewelry Bejeweled Flowers 6" x 5.25"

Triple hook made of pewter with three colorful love birds on a flowered branch, hand-painted details.


Shabby Chic Birds - Practical and Decorative Triple Hooks for Country Cottage Décor

Choose from a variety of single hook or multiple hook designs, with a traditional songbird motif and with the look of weathered paint on metal that's so characteristic of the shabby chic decorating style. They're not a genuine antique, of course, but the designs from the cottage-styling folks at Creative Co-op, in particular, sure have the authentic vintage look and feel. A beautiful and useful accent for decorating your cottage, your front porch, or your bathroom or kitchen.

Creative Co-op Shabby Cottage Chic Metal Bird Wall Hook Bathroom Hook
Creative Co-op Shabby Cottage Chic Metal Bird Wall Hook Bathroom Hook

Traditional and cosy-feminine, the cast-iron birdies on a branch in distressed antique-white paint are absolute icons of the "shabby chic" style. This three-hook design is also available in a soft green (faux patina) finish that is gorgeous against dark wood - on a panelled wall, for example, or on the back of a door that's been varnished rather than painted.


Distressed Birdhouse Wall Hook - Painted Wood, Metal, and Vintage Glass Knob

Bird Wall Hook, Birdhouse with Crystal Knob
Bird Wall Hook, Birdhouse with Crystal Knob

If you're decorating a bathroom or bedroom in a country garden theme or to delight a keen birdwatcher, and you're looking for a sturdy kind of wall hook to hang a robe on - one that will also serve as a focal piece of decorative art - this artsy-crafty Birdhouse Wall Hook is bound to bring pleasure with service.

A charming metal bas-relief bird figure is set on a wooden birdhouse shape, eight and a half inches high, that's given the popular distressed paint treatment in soft aqua green-blue tone that reminds me of a milk paint I once used for a rocking chair, very nice. The crowing touch on this piece is that the hook is not actually a hook, but a crystal knob. Perhaps you have a memory of an old family homestead with glass doorknobs or cabinet drawer pulls that were similar?

Which bird wall hooks will you choose?

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    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Love the painted bird wall hooks! It would be great in the hallway.

    • Heartily profile image

      Lucy Bieri 3 years ago from Switzerland

      I like the painted painted bird wall hook in metal fits perfectly my home entry way.

    • waihou profile image

      waihou 4 years ago

      Wow. Beautiful!

    • ismeedee profile image

      ismeedee 4 years ago

      I'd have them all over the house, love them!

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      I love the bird hooks at the top.

    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 5 years ago

      I will choose the black bird hook. Attractive..