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Black Square Coffee Tables

Updated on September 26, 2014
Image credit: The black square coffee table (with storage underneath) shown here is available below.
Image credit: The black square coffee table (with storage underneath) shown here is available below.

Forever in Style: The Square Black Coffee Table

Few furniture pieces can support so many genres as a black coffee table; add to it a square shape and you've one substantial element in your living room to put cocktails~or weary feet~upon depending on your room's style.

And when you're up to changing genres, black coffee tables can withstand the culture shock.

But choosing the right look, size and materials can cause you a bit of uncertainty if you're not familiar with a few decorating and design basics. Not to worry, though; I'll walk you through the what and wheres of 'Home Decor 101' as we peruse these oh-so-versatile square black coffee tables.

My hope is you'll find the ideal table you'll love for years to come.

Let's do this! .

What's Your Style: Relaxed or Regal? - Square Black Upholstered Coffee Tables with Storage

Faux Leather Square Black Tufted Coffee Table

Determining the 'Life' of Your New Coffee Table

Obviously, you know your style, so the next step is determining how you expect to use the coffee table. Are you looking to create a showplace? Or is your home among the 'lived-in' ilk?

Odds are if you've a few kids in the mix, you might be opting for a black finish to mask what messy fingers leave behind. On the contrary, my mother had one room--the living room--that was off limits to us four kids, so she had several formal pieces sequestered in her space.

The black coffee tables like those I'm featuring here are ideal for kicking back and putting one's feet up.

While it may seem that leather and leather-like furniture are taboo if kids are anywhere near the vicinity, I was pleasantly surprised how easily it wiped clean after my twin boys had assaulted it with seemingly all twenty toes and fingers!

For a sophisticated look with the comfort of a 70's Barcalounger, you might find these black square coffee tables 'all-inclusive.'

Black Coffee Table with Square Lift Up Serving Tabletop

Multi-Purpose Furniture: The Small Spaces Asset - Lift Top Square Black Coffee/Cocktail Table

I mentioned purpose above and while you may not have considered a lift-top coffee table they come in mighty handy if you're prone to eat in front of the TV on game or family night, lift-tops make good sense.

The clean lines on this black-finished table make it an ideal candidate for modern and contemporary spaces.

Coffee tables with storage underneath can be a good thing but if you don't keep an eye on it, clutter can take over, making a messy presentation. In my own experience, baskets were always a solution for stowing away remotes and anything with wires.

Consider natural weave baskets with lids for an attractive storage solution.

'Creating" Space in Smaller Rooms - Square Black Modern Glass Top Table Styles

Square Modern Glass-top Black Coffee/Cocktail Table for Small Rooms: 35" x 35"
Square Modern Glass-top Black Coffee/Cocktail Table for Small Rooms: 35" x 35"

Two Square Black Coffee Tables with Glass Tops

For Smaller Spaces Go with Companion Tables

It's not uncommon to move into a new home and find that your favorite coffee and end tables don't fit your space. and all too often, we've a coffee table and two end tables to contend with.

Not good.

Don't lose hope; there are always options to your 'tables don't fit' conundrum, namely, split the tables up and use the two smaller end tables butted up against each other in side-by-side fashion as your coffee table.

Still not feeling the love?

It's time for Plan B: I suggest using glass top tables--especially in smaller living spaces; they're space-makers, for sure. Glass tops create space, well the illusion of space, exactly. It's transparency alludes to space, air and for ever and ever-ness. I'll expound on glass's impact on a space, below.

Square Coffee Table with Glass Top

Here's a great console table--a match for the square coffee/cocktail table below.
Here's a great console table--a match for the square coffee/cocktail table below.

Matching Tables: Should You Do the Set Thing?

As I mentioned, glass is the ideal choice for small rooms, as its transparency creates an airy, floating illusion as though the tables take up far less floor space.

Typically, all we see is the tables frame and when visualized in terms of mass, a simple frame barely takes away from available floor space. Indeed, glass is the solution to having more space in your living area and glass-topped, square coffee tables betray an aire of light with its reflective properties. Glass is quite the impressive candidate for small spaces, isn't it?

Chunky, solid pieces look every bit their size and require more floor space to look great. Glass top tables allow you to get by with minimal space, while serving as a full-size piece.

These modern glass top tables have the high visual appeal you'll need for your focal point, adding interest, while affording room for your everyday activities.

Problem solved.

A Win-Win.

Which Is It With This Black Coffee Table?

Is it an Asian style table? Or, is this a spin on the cabriole style table leg? Is this table fashioned from a earlier period piece?

Hmmm . . .

I'm not certain on this very simple, very unique coffee table but what I can say, is this black coffee table, while simple, can fit into the very sophisticated of spaces or, conversely, into a simply appointed room. It smooth, black finish and square design would make a wonderful conversation piece with chairs all around.

If you've an awkwardly-long living area, put this table to work on both ends of the space and create two distinct areas for entertaining. I could go on with possibilities for the coffee table but you may be reeling with ideas yourself.

Indeed, this is some coffee table; it's the equivalent to a little black dress in the decorator world.

Square Black Coffee/Cocktail Table without Storage Underneath: 31.5" x 31.5"
Square Black Coffee/Cocktail Table without Storage Underneath: 31.5" x 31.5"

Form & Function: Square Black Coffee Table with Storage Inside

Minimalist Styling but Nothing Simple About It

I'm really loving the table with storage at right, here. If you're pining for an attractive, black coffee table, this square black cocktail design slides open to reveal its treasure trove.

Can you tell I'm thinking about it for myself?

I'm a big fan of multi-purpose furniture pieces, no matter a room's size or style. If you're looking for clean lines and a minimalist look, opt for a table only and keep the focus on the furniture piece with lovely candle sticks or a cool stature in white for an amazing contrast that's easy on the eye.

With whatever you decide--storage, or not-- you'll appreciate the 'eye candy' black often projects.

Large Square Black Coffee Table
Large Square Black Coffee Table

Low and Sophisticatedly Modern: Black with Chrome

Clean Lines for a Modern Space

Large Square Coffee Black and Chrome Table

Modern living spaces command linear surfaces and straight-line design with minimal fuss. For modern spaces, keep furniture on the 'low down.' With modern design, less is more, indeed.

i choose to spotlight this cool 40" x 40" coffee table; it's the quintessential modern furniture piece: no fuss, straight, crisp lines finished with chrome fixtures. Pieces like this one (right), look very aesthetic, as though the room never needs straightening.

Keep accessories simple and you'll pull off one showpiece with minimal effort. .

Budget-Friendly Black Square Coffee Table with Lower Shelf

Simple Form with Extra Room for Important Pieces

This square coffee table with its black finish and shelf underneath is a great find for those with display pieces.

While the shelf isn't good for extra storage, it can house that 'had-to-have-it' piece of art, keeping it safe from your dog's tail and dust while adding interest to you space's focal point.

Add a lovely rug to warm your room and ground both the table and your seating..

Pieces That Entertain - Upholstered Square Cocktail Tables with Trays for Entertaining

Great Black Square Coffee Table with Four Serving Trays for Entertaining
Great Black Square Coffee Table with Four Serving Trays for Entertaining

Square Black Coffee Tables with Trays to Entertain

If you're quite the entertainer with free-flowing wine and hors' devours aplenty, ottoman coffee tables with trays delineate you mean business.

I've never been one to expect copious amounts of praise when entertaining but isn't it nice when that happens?

It's also a boon to have trays at the ready when those important days arrive and you never seem to have enough hours to prepare. these tables leave one less 'thing' to worry about (I don't know about you, but I'm thinking Christmas and birthdays).

For the entertainer in all of us, I give these cocktail tables a thumb's up, as they have it all: black, large square design, easy to wipe clean and splendid party accoutrements.
No matter your taste for furniture, a square coffee table with a sophisticated, black finish will be in itself right at home--yours.

Deep Storage Coffee Table with Serving Trays

Harley Leather Black Square Storage Ottoman Style Coffee Table with 4-Tray Top
Harley Leather Black Square Storage Ottoman Style Coffee Table with 4-Tray Top

The Table That Has It All

Black Square Coffee Table With Serving Trays & Storage A'Plenty

There's a lot to be said about this black coffee table: storage and more storage, great visual piece and handy serving trays for four--or more.

While this coffee table ottoman is rather large, you'll come out a better person (well, that's a bit of a stretch, but still).

We're so much the collector that we can easily amass stuff we swear we can't do without. Keep a lid on the clutter--literally--and secret it inside your coffee table.

Or (I saved the best for last) keep board games or gaming accoutrements tucked inside to keep teeny fingers from being smashed and games intact. Too, all your fun stuff is housed together, at the ready so there's no hunting spoiling the fun.

And with four serving trays, you've a tray for everyone, or at least it's a start.

For whatever moves you, pack it up--whatever 'it' is to you.

Sleek & Sophisticated Modern Black Square Coffee Table

Sleek & Sophisticated Modern Black Square Coffee Table with Serving Trays and Storage
Sleek & Sophisticated Modern Black Square Coffee Table with Serving Trays and Storage

Low Straight Lines the Hallmark of Modern Design

I love this modern black coffee table with its contrasting white trays and the white high-pile area rug is spot on and highlights the table's black finish.

It's these strong visuals we get when pairing opposites that captures and holds the eye a bit longer.making your focal point a complete success. Be sure to lean on the black and white color scheme with a hint of color--complements of this beautiful coffee table.

Isn't it lovely?

How will you use your new table?

See results

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