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Blue Kitchenware - Shop By Colour

Updated on July 7, 2016

Blue Kitchenware

Blue Kitchen Ideas

I love the colour blue! It makes me feel relaxed. I have had the "kitchen-blues" for quite some time now.

I keep the kitchen walls in light colours, so all the blue shades of kitchenware become more visible - exactly like they do on this white hubpage.

I like to mix different shades of blue like cornflower blue, lavender, aqua blue and cobalt blue. It's like letting the elements of sea and air into the kitchen.

To me it is a pleasure to work in a kitchen where my eyes like what they see. Every piece of blue kitchen d├ęcor becomes my allies and helpers in the process of producing fresh, delicious, healthy and beautiful displayed food. It's makes cooking so much more fun.

Some people say that it's superficial to pay too much attention to things. I can understand that - if the effort is all about prestige and impressing other people, but if you put effort into creating an inspiring cooking environment, that gives you pleasure to work in - that's fine with me.

Personally I would pay much more attention, and waste energy if my kitchen was full of hideous kitchenware that kind of poked me in the eye, every time I looked at them.

Right now I enjoy my kitchen-blues, and I am sure some of you do to.

Blue Is Cool And Carming

Blue is cool and calming. In Colour therapy blue relates to self expression, so it seems quite appropriate to serve well prepared home cooking in blue bowls and on blue plates - even though blue is said to be an appetite suppressant by colour experts.


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