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Bookcase Headboard: Full

Updated on April 3, 2013

Add Convenient Bedside Storage With a Bookcase Headboard!

I have had a bookcase headboard several times over the years and I find them very convenient. Not only are they loaded with handy storage space, but many are designed for people who like to prop up in bed to read or watch television.

Being a writer who also loves to read, most nights you can find me propped up on a bunch of pillows with either my laptop or a good book. I generally either work or read until I nod off. It may be a bad habit, but I have had it all my life and I cannot imagine going to sleep any other way after all these years!

If you are like me, and want to indulge your reading habit, why fight it? Get a bookcase headboard and you can sleep with your head surrounded by your favorite books!

Those shelves are also handy for your alarm clock, a white noise machine, your cpap machine, medicines, even a carafe of water! You will have the world at your fingertips with this convenient piece of furniture!

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One of the Most Popular Bookcase Headboards

This is one of the most popular bookcase headboards sold on Amazon. It is part of a bedroom suite, so other matching pieces are available.

This is a very attractive piece of furniture, with plenty of storage. It is easy to put together.

South Shore Vito Collection Full/Queen 54/60-inch Bookcase Headboard, Black
South Shore Vito Collection Full/Queen 54/60-inch Bookcase Headboard, Black

You can place the side storage on either the right or left side during assembly, depending on your preference.


Another Popular Bookcase Headboard

Here is another headboard that is very popular at Amazon. This one is taller, so you get a stylish look as well as additional storage!

Black Full/Queen Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard
Black Full/Queen Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard

Available either in Espresso or Midnight Black.


Don't forget the hidden bonus storage between the head of the bed and the wall!

My Favorite Bookcase Headboard

I think this one is my favorite. I like the little storage drawers. It will attach to my existing bedframe. I like the nostalgic, retro styling as well.

This headboard has a 5-star rating!

Full Bookcase Headboards on eBay

I have never bought furniture on eBay, but many people have had good success with it. Let's see what they have for us today!

Do you prefer a bookcase headboard or some other type?

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