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Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoops

Updated on September 9, 2014

Having a tub clutter problem? With kids comes piles of bath toys, shampoos, lotions, conditioners...and let's not forget the foamy soap! Boon has created a solution to your child's toy hoarding problem, these fun scoops not only help with clean up they store the toys as well! Little shelves on the back help with the bottles of product & the toys stay high & dry in the specially made toy scoops.

Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoop Ladybug - Comes in Purple or Red!

Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoop Ladybug
Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoop Ladybug | Source

Is your little lady a disaster in the tub? Then you need the Boon ladybug to help with all that kid junk! This ladybug features a shelf, antennas that double as sponge hangers & it keeps toys neat & dry for the next bath time. Did I mention kids Love her?

Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoop, Green Frog


Looking for the latest in bath toy storage? Boon makes the cutest frog designed to scoop all those squishy bath toys & rid your tub of clutter. The Boon frog features a small shelf along the back, toes double as hooks for sponges & he mounts right to the wall! Perfect for keeping those toys clean & contained.

Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop and Storage

Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop

Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop
Boon Whale Pod Drain and Storage Bath Toy Scoop

These charming whales solve all kinds of clutter problems & they feature a sleek modern design. The Boon Pod Toy Storage has a tail for holding sponges, a small shelf on the backside & easy to use scoop to collect all those toys! The whale has drains down the side to keep toys dry & mold free.

Boon Whale Pod Bath Toy Scoop and Storage

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    • renagirl profile image

      renagirl 4 years ago

      what a great idea

    • profile image

      aishu19 4 years ago

      These tub storage ideas are perfect for small kids to enjoy their bath toys safely and keep things neat for mom!!