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Disney Brave Bedding & Bedroom Décor

Updated on September 13, 2014

Create a Princess Merida Themed Bedroom

Brave bedding & bedroom décor will allow you to create a beautiful Brave themed bedroom for your daughter to enjoy.

The Brave bedroom theme allows girls to surround themeselves with the elements they loved from the Disney Pixar Brave film.

A Brave Bedroom will feature characters that your child loves from Brave; including fiery Princess Merida, Angus, Hamish, Harris and Hubert.

Find Disney Brave bedding; including Brave Princess Merida comforter, sheet set, blanket and pillow, furniture and wall décor to hit your Brave Bedroom target look.

Decorate with Brave Bedding

Make a Statement with Your Bed

One of the easiest way to transform a room is with bedding. This functional piece of décor can change your room from boring to exciting in just a few minutes. The Disney Pixar Brave Twin/Full Comforter makes updating your child's room in a Princess Merida theme simple.

What I like about the Brave comforter is that it depicts the fiery Princess Merida with her best friend horse Angus. I also like that this comforter is made of microfiber and is machine washable so it can be popped right into the washer if there is a spill.

While you can buy the official Brave pillowcases separately you do not need them to complete the look of your Merida themed room. Just pair the comforter with generic colored pillowcases that go with the print of your comforter.

Disney Brave Comforter & Sheet Set - Bedding for a Brave themed bedroom

Disney Brave Twin Microfiber Comforter and Sheet Set
Disney Brave Twin Microfiber Comforter and Sheet Set

The bed is one of the key items in a bedroom design scheme. The Disney Pixar Brave Twin Comforter & Sheet Set gives your a Brave themed look. It combines function with design and will keep your little one cozy at night. Brave comforter features Princess Merida. Twin Brave Sheet set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet & 1 comforter.


Room Décor

Will you use Brave or Merida themed bedding to transform your child's room?

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Forest Girl Brave Blanket - Disney Pixar Brave Bedding

Disney, Brave, Forest Girl 46-Inch-by-60-Inch Micro-Raschel Blanket by The Northwest Company
Disney, Brave, Forest Girl 46-Inch-by-60-Inch Micro-Raschel Blanket by The Northwest Company

The Brave Raschel Blanket is inspired by the Disney Pixar film Brave. The cozy Brave blanket features Princess Merida and her three brother bears. Blanket measures 46" X 60". The Brave blanket is 100% polyester and can be washed in cold water and tumbled dry.


Merida Wall Art

To give your child's bedroom a Brave makeover simply add a poster to create visual interest. Children love looking at the Disney characters they love. Engaging graphics stimulate a child and are easily removed when interests change.

Changing the artwork in your child's room allows you to give them the Brave bedroom theme they want without having to change the wall colors in your child's room.

Merida, Angus and Brothers Wall Decals & Stickers - Spice up you child's walls

Want to make a huge change to your child's wall in a manner of minutes? Transform your little one's bedroom into a Disney Brave themed room by adding wall decals of their favorite Brave characters. Find Merida, Angus, and brother bear triplet wall decal available for purchase from amazon.

Wall Art

When decorating your child's room do you prefer hanging posters or using peel and stick wall graphics.

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Merida and Bear Cubs Mini Saucer Chair & Furniture - Create a cozy reading nook

Disney Pixar Brave Mini Saucer Chair
Disney Pixar Brave Mini Saucer Chair

Young children love picture books. Give them somewhere to sit to read through their favorite books.

Combine form and function with the Brave Mini Saucer Chair. Adding a piece that has useful application while giving the room a touch of Disney magic will create a harmonious room environment.


Tell us about your little one's bedroom. What items will you include in their Princess Merida bedroom?

Will You Create a Disney Pixar inspired room? - Brave Bedroom Ideas

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    • heehaw lm profile image

      heehaw lm 4 years ago

      great selections, i just watched brave movie around 4 days ago.

    • heehaw lm profile image

      heehaw lm 4 years ago

      great selections, i just watched brave movie around 4 days ago.

    • profile image

      Pinnsvin 4 years ago

      Brave was a great movie! Kids will absolutely love those bedding sets :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Kids will love their rooms with this Brave décor.

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 years ago

      There beeds to be a toddler size set. My daughter is2 and isn't yet readt for a single or twin but LOVES this movie and through a fit when she seen the bed set...

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