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Different Uses of Bubble Wrap

Updated on November 20, 2011
Lightweight bubble wraps are perfect for cushioning fragile and delicate items and protect them from shock and vibration.
Lightweight bubble wraps are perfect for cushioning fragile and delicate items and protect them from shock and vibration. | Source

Bubble wrap is my favorite packaging material. This is simply because it keeps fragile items safe for transport and storage. Plus it is cheap and can be use many times. Bubble wrap is made with transparent plastic material with thousands of air-filled bubbles. These bubbles served as shock and pressure absorber which makes the bubble wrap an ideal cushioning and packaging material. It is available in different sizes and provides different level of protection.

Bubble wrap also served as my beloved stress reliever. I don't know about you, but whenever I start popping the wrap's air-filled bubbles, I can't seem to stop until the last bubble is popped.

Aside from being an effective packaging material and stress reliever, bubble wrap can also be used for different applications. I have listed several alternative uses of bubble wraps in our home and working stations. YES, bubble wraps are as versatile as we can imagine it to be and the list I have is just plain and simple. I know bubble wraps can be used for thousands of different applications and if you have other ideas on mind feel free to suggest. That way we can include your ideas on our next list...

Use bubble wrap to cover windows to insulate rooms during cold season.
Use bubble wrap to cover windows to insulate rooms during cold season.

Uses of Bubble Wrap In and Around The House

Bubble wrap can be used in and around the house; in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, garden and even on swimming pools. The list below are just some of the simple ways how my wife and I used bubble wraps. So, if you have pieces of bubble wrap lying around your house, you might want to consider reusing them for the following applications:

1. Protect potted plants by lining the interior of the plant pots with bubble wrap before filling it with soil. The bubble wrap create insulation so the plant is protected against cold and high temperatures.

2. Keep you food warm or cold every time you are hosting a party or whenever you need to. Simply wrap the food container with bubble wrap to maintain the food temperature.

3. Use bubble wrap to warm up the water in you pool. Set a sheet of bubble wrap on your pool's water surface and the wrap will act as solar heater by capturing sunlight.

4. Protect you car's windshield from frost by covering it with a layer of bubble wrap.

5. Use bubble wrap as liner in your fridge or in the crisper drawer. Bubble wrap protects fruits and veggies against bruising. It can also prevent the freezer's cold air from escaping.

6. Protect your pipes and water heater during winter by wrapping it with bubble wrap.

7. Insulate your room during winter by covering your windows with bubble wrap. And since bubble wrap is transparent, sunlight can still pass through and lighten up your room naturally.

8. Prevent the toilet-tank water from condensing. Simply line the interior of the toilet-tank with bubble wrap to avoid condensation.

9. Keep your bed and pillows warm and inviting during winter season. Simply place a hefty sheet of bubble wrap between your bedspreads and top sheet and wrap your pillows with bubble wrap before putting them inside the pillowcase.

10. Bubble wrap can also be use as bath pillow, drawer liner to keep your clothes warm, decorative liner for you clear plain vases and a simple burglar alarm for light sleepers.

Protect your tools and equipment from dust and possible damage by wrapping them with bubble wrap before storing them away.
Protect your tools and equipment from dust and possible damage by wrapping them with bubble wrap before storing them away.

Uses of Bubble Wrap on Working Spaces

Let's just say my wife and I are bubble wrap fanatics. We used bubble wrap around our working stations, as well as for making crafts. I have listed some of the alternative uses of bubble wrap on working areas. I hope you can find these ideas useful. You don't need to cut new sheets of bubble wraps, you can reuse your stash bubble wraps for the following applications (just make sure the air0filled bubbles are not yet popped) :

1. Protect your tools from scratches by lining the interior of your toolbox with bubble wrap. If you have an expensive tool, you can wrap it with bubble wrap before storing it away.

2. Use bubble wrap as mold or stamp to create unique patterns on your crafts.

3. Cushion working surface with bubble wrap whenever you are working with delicate items.

4. Bubble wraps can work as a reliable cover for your gadgets like computer, laptop, iPad, cell phone and camera.

5. Use as instant working mat whenever you are repairing something like your car or equipment.

6. Use it as sleeping mat or cushion whenever you feel tired and want to take a nap on your working areas.

7. You can also use bubble wrap as cover whenever you get hurt and wounded while working, just make sure the wrap is clean.

8. Wrap sharp tools with bubble wrap and label it to avoid accident in your working area.

9. If you bring packed lunch to work and you don't have insulated lunch box, you can use bubble wrap to keep your food warm. Simply wrap your munch box with bubble wrap and you're good to go.

10. Protect your delicate projects by wrapping it with bubble wrap before storing it away.

11. Use bubble wrap as protective gloves and mats whenever you are doing a painting job.

12. If you want to keep your coffee warm while working in your office, you can wrap your cup or tumbler with bubble wrap to maintain its temperature longer than usual.

Get Creative with Bubble Wrap

If you are creative enough you can turn bubble wrap into something cute, useful and funky. I am definite you and your kids will have a great time turning bubble wraps into beautiful crafts. Here are some ideas you might want to try:

DIY Video Tutorial: Bubble Wrap Necklace

Bubble Wrap Jewelries: Hot or Not

Will you wear bubble wrap jewelries?

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New Generation Bubble Wrap Gadget: Bubble Wrap Keychain
New Generation Bubble Wrap Gadget: Bubble Wrap Keychain

The Bubble Wrap for the New Generation

Pop Bubble Wrap Virtually

I'm sure you also love to popped bubble wraps whenever you got a chance. But if you prefer to reuse your extra bubble wraps for the applications listed above, you don't have to worry because you can still satisfy your bubble-popping cravings with the help of these new generation bubble wrap application and gadgets.

The Virtual Bubble WrapThe Virtual Bubble Wrap is a virtual game, which allows you to pop air-filled bubbles through your mobile phones or PC. This game was initially released as a mobile application for Apple iPhone, but it became more popular online.

The Bubble Wrap KeychainThe Bubble Wrap Key Chain is a unique gadget from Japan. It is an electronic key chain made to replicate the joy of popping bubble wrap. This gadget looks and works like a bubble wrap. It has round buttons that looks like the air-filled bubbles of the real bubble wrap and it produces the same popping sound whenever you press these buttons.

Bubble Wrap Popping

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      Alma Delia Ma 3 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Hello! Great uses for bubble wrap!!! Thanks for the info.. But the question is, where can I find the cheapest bubble wrap within the United States?

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