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How Can I Revamp My Kitchen On a Budget?

Updated on August 6, 2017
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As a property developer, Stella has written many articles on the home environment, decor and problems that arise in the home and garden.

Costly Cabinets Can Be Avoided!


Budget Kitchen Makeovers For The Cost Conscious

Together with bathrooms, kitchens are the one other area in the home that will benefit from upgrading but what if a limited budget restricts you from having a complete kitchen refit?

Don’t worry, there are some simple makeover tricks that are guaranteed to transform the look of your kitchen for minimum outlay and maximum impact. It won't add significant value to your home but will create a better atmosphere for you and your family and impress your guests into the bargain.

Cupboard Love!

Neutral Paint Still Covers Well
Neutral Paint Still Covers Well | Source

Work With What You've Got!

Take a good, long look at the fixtures and fittings in your kitchen and see what can be preserved and what needs to be replaced.

Ensure that all surfaces to be painted are clean, smooth and free from any major flaws and imperfections. Cracks and holes in walls are easily filled in with Polyfilla, and wood filler can be used on wooden surfaces or window frames that have dents or bits gouged out from wear and tear. Remember, with all decoration jobs, the preparation beforehand is of utmost importance in order to achieve the best and most long-lasting results.

Start at the ceiling and work down:

Paint is your number one ally. Buy some cheap emulsion and paint the ceiling in brilliant white gloss. Purchase a simple, but effective central light fitting that will brighten everything up and work together with the freshly painted ceiling to best effect. Already you'll notice a difference. This is further enhanced by spotlights or below eye-level cupboard lights to highlight certain areas. Stainless steel fittings are particularly effective.

All walls will benefit from a fresh coat of paint in complementary colours to your kitchen units.

If your cupboard doors really have seen better days, they can be replaced whilst leaving the main structure of the carcas intact. This gives the look of a brand new kitchen. There are companies that specialise in this procedure but it's also possible to do it yourself providing your measuring skills are good. Any doors and drawers that are still sound can be brightened up with a specialist paint. Even laminated door fronts can be painted if the correct paint is used.

Dated and dull kitchen units are virtually transformed with a few cans of cupboard paint to provide a tough washable surface. Why not change all the door furniture on your units to match in with your new light fittings and other fixtures? B & Q's video below demonstrates how easy it is to do.

If you're fed up with your kitchen tiles, but they're still serviceable, then a few tins of tile paint will give them a new lease of life and it’s amazing what fresh grouting can do. Although tedious, it's well worth the effort once you can stand back and admire the finished results. The video below, "How to paint over tiles" illustrates the process.

Floor coverings can easily be replaced by stick-on tiles that will look good and cost next to nothing from any reputable DIY store. Granted, they won't last as long as ceramic tiles but they'll provide several years of service and look smart too, adding a coordinated and streamlined appearance to complement your newly painted tiles, units and walls.

Worktops that are past their prime can be recovered in specialist coverings too and you can place attractive beading and durable edging strip around the edges. Detract from areas that are scratched by covering with an attractive chopping board, bread bin or other items. Shift around other worktop appliances to cover worn areas.

A window blind in colours that match your freshly painted cupboards will look fantastic and complete the overall effect. A few inexpensive pictures or an attractive clock will also look great.

Now add up what you've spent and you'll be pleasantly surprised that it's not half as much as you initially thought!

It’s now time to invite guests round to view your ‘brand new’ kitchen!

How To Paint Over Kitchen Tiles

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