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Buy Solar Landscape Lights Online

Updated on March 31, 2011

If you are looking to buy solar landscape lights online, the products below should lead you in the right direction. If you want to learn more about outdoor solar lighting keep reading!

For various reasons solar landscape lights are fast becoming an extremely popular and sought-after item in many residential and office landscaping projects. Higher energy costs and remote locations as well as the high cost of calling out an electrician to dig and wire traditional landscape lighting are all factors that are influencing homeowners to make this change. In researching them for my own home, I found a wide range of styles and prices to choose from. Often price is an indicator of quality, and from what I have seen there is little exception to this rule when it comes to the available solar landscape lighting found online.

The best thing about the explosion of the green products industry is that it has certainly increased the selection well beyond what was available just a few years ago. When I first purchased the house I live in currently, I knew that some major lawn renovation and additional landscaping projects were in store. This is actually right up my alley, so it was certainly no deterrent to me. The only thing, is, at the time I started looking, I was dismayed with what the costs involved were going to be to put in the type of outdoor landscape lighting I wanted. I decided to not decide. In other words I left things alone with regard to lighting, and I simply replaced the exterior lighting that was attached to the house. The money I otherwise would have spent on expensive landscape lights, I was able to use for other outdoor projects around the house. Now, I am ready to put in the landscape lighting, and I have chosen solar as a way to keep down the costs of paying an electrician to come out. This is definitely a do it yourself project, and as I said before, that is right up my alley.

Facts to know when buying a solar landscape lighting system

Now, one thing to consider is that you are getting enough sun. This sounds like a no brainer, but if you want brighter lights, there needs to be brighter sun exposure and for a decent length of time during the day in order to power these lights. This isn't a problem in my case due to my wide open western exposure that receives a good eight hours of full sun each day, but it is something you definitely will want to take into account for your site and location for your landscape lighting as each place is different.

Solar landscape lights are generally self-contained. This means that everything is included in each light. There is the housing, some sort of battery, the light itself, and a solar panel. Most of the lights use newer battery technology which is how they have been able to get brighter overall in just a couple of years. The nickel hydride and lithium batteries are the same as what is used in cellular phones and other portable technology. These batteries are highly efficient and longer lasting, so they are perfect for this application. In some of the lighting systems, the solar panel or collector is a separate piece that can be placed away from the lights. This is perfect for those of you who need lighting in one place, but the sun doesn't quite make it there with enough intensity to charge the lights. Keep in mind, though, that longer cable runs will need to be buried in the ground creating more work on installation, and the cable itself is a resistor which impedes electrical flow. This means that much power is lost just by moving through the cable. Every ounce of charge is necessary to keep this outdoor lighting running overnight.

The better quality solar landscape lighting systems have replaceable bulbs and batteries. This is an important consideration because a cheap light that has to be thrown away when a bulb burns out ends up being more expensive over time. Also, these systems are modular and can be added to over time as your landscape evolves or as your needs change. Even though they may be more expensive up front, by adding to it over time, you end up with a professional quality install, and you can say you did it yourself.

The most popular solar lights are path or walkway markers, and many of these are pretty low brightness, only used to mark the edges. They are not really used for illuminating the dark. There are models, though, that produce adequate lighting levels to allow you to see where you are going or to find that lost cat digging in your flowerbed. Just a few years ago, a solar-powered spotlight was not really feasible. There were some available, but they wouldn't stay bright enough overnight, and just generally were inferior to the hardwired or low voltage systems available. Now, though, solar landscape lights, spotlights included, are rivaling those other kinds and making it easy for the homeowner to have exactly what they want almost anywhere they wish to put it.

Go ahead and grab your set of solar lights today, and be ready for spring while you beautify your home for both day and night.


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    • dealrocker profile image

      dealrocker 7 years ago from California

      Well, those were really nice tips. I also prefer to bur solar lamps. Liked your other hubs too. Keep up the great effort. Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine. :)