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Cake Boards

Updated on September 8, 2012

Who does not like a cake?Everybody likes cake, everything will be easier if you have that cake board, it´s hard to choose from various cake boards, there are different cake boards out there(cake board paper,round cake board,large cake boards, corrugated cake board, plastic cake boards and so on).
So choosing the right ones is difficult, but i can help you out.Why me? I am a chef at local restaurant and i have a lot of experience,and yes i personally choose cake boards for my restaurant.
Some people make the cake boards themselves, but i personally buy them at local shop, i have been looking around at the Amazon and i have found many good cake boards and you will find the cake board for you.

How to choose a cake board?

First of all, size.Size definetly matters.You cannot buy a small cake board, when making a huge cake.So first of all you need to know size, but that is easy, right?And of course, when making round cake, it would be best to use the classical round cake board.When making quadrate cake or, when making cake in any other size you need to look harder for your cake board
Second i recommend you buy grease resistant cake board, so that, when person looks at your cake, He/She will not see grease.If you bought not grease resistant cake board, (- paint something on it or something, don´t use it as cake board -) your cake would not look so elegant.So always look that your cake board will be grease resistant.
TIP: Lately i have been buying cake boars made from recycled paper, always look that label "Made from recycled paper" stays below so that your quests wouldn´t see that, but when you can buy cake board made from recycled paper, do that, nature is worth that extra 10 cents.
Last, but definitely not least important is that you buy quality cake boards.Because low-quality cake boards may not hold your cake´s weight.So here you may lose another 10 cents , but for that you don´t lose your cake.

I have chosen some examples of high-quality cake boards from amazon, that i would buy.

Wilton 19-by-13-Inch Cake Board
Wilton 19-by-13-Inch Cake Board

i have chosen the Wilton 19-by-13-Inch Cake Board number one in my list, because it is perfect for large and unique size cakes.It´s made from quality cardboard.It´s grease resistant.This cake board can easily be cut in the size you wish your cake board to be.Although edges may look not so good, if you don´t count that, then it´s perfect.

Wilton 10-Inch Show 'N Serve Cake Board
Wilton 10-Inch Show 'N Serve Cake Board

The second on the list is Wilton 10-Inch Show 'N Serve Cake Board,this delicate looking  is nice cake board and can be recycled or composted.This Wilton cake board is also grease resistant, it has nice edge, some may not like it, but i think it´s classical.

Wilton 10-Inch Cake Circle
Wilton 10-Inch Cake Circle

Wilton 10-Inch Cake Circle,is handy, strong, grease resistant, beautiful white cake board.That i can strongly recommend.This can also be composted or recycled, which i like.It´s made from high-quality cardboard.This is a simple, great, nice cake board, nothing more to say.

Cake boards can be surprisingly handy in kitchen.And as you can see i recommend Wilton, because is have some memories with it, very good memories.If you want to be 100% sure in high quality, then i hope you know how to choose a cake board now.
You can also test out Caseland Company cake boards, they seem to make excellent products also.

If you have any questions/suggestions leave a comment.


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      linda 7 years ago

      hello! im linda, my company main made cake board baking cup .Preferential prices , quality assurance.I’m looking forward to hearing from you.