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Camo Throw Rugs & Camouflage Area Rugs

Updated on March 20, 2014

Decorating with Camo: Fun Camouflage Area Rugs

Lay down the law of the Mother Nature with these fun to realistic camouflage area and accent rugs to warm things up a bit in your favorite room.

Camo rugs are the perfect 'ground' to your room's decor. Camouflage is an extension of the great outdoors, nature and all its beauty melded into one lovely, unmistakable pattern we also refer to as "camo".

Bring your love of nature into your favorite room with a camo area rug placed in a prominent spot ~ lest it blends in too well and disappears! Kidding aside, there's a plethora of different patterns, styles and sizes of these fun back~to~nature decorative camouflage rugs to suit your decorating palette.

Scroll down for a peek at the camo accent and area rugs along with some of my helpful decorating tips to get that warm-all-over cozy look you'll love.

Image credit: The camouflage Area Rug shown here is available below.

Large Camouflage Funky Camo© Army Green Desert Area Rug 5'4" X 7'8"

Kaleidoscope - Whimsical Area Rugs Funky Camo Dark Army Green Camouflage 3'10" X 5'4"

Dynamic Rugs FA351709600 Fantasia 1709-600 Rug, 3' by 5', Army
Dynamic Rugs FA351709600 Fantasia 1709-600 Rug, 3' by 5', Army

When beginning your decor it's best to decide how you want your room to 'feel' rather than look. Do you prefer warm and cozy? Cool and hip? Natural and earthy?

These questions will not only build your palette toward your ideal ambiance, but the look will follow suit if you keep to the same 'feeling' within your space.

Camouflage has any number of personalities from fun and funky to down-to-earth country.

The vibe these camouflage area rugs proffer is more the military, serious tone. Bathe your walls in natural hues of tan, brown and army greens for a convincing, pulled-together look.

Green Military Camo Area Rug
Green Military Camo Area Rug

Thinking Outside the Box

Green Camo Area Rug

I happened upon this cool green camo rug in a category pegged for musical instruments, of all places. The size of this 'drum' rug (5.25' X 6.5') is quite right for a play rug for a kid's room or teen's hang-out space.

It's quite sizable for its price tag compared to other camouflage area rugs. I'm thinking because this rug was designed for under foot of drum players and not bedrooms per se, it's offered for less. But who's to say where and what floor the rug can be appointed?

I've found some really good deals when shopping other departments for decorative items, often finding red decor just after Valentine's Day and Christmas drastically reduced. It pays to look at unconventional uses for ordinary items when decorating.

Fun Camo/Camoflauge Area Rug: Joy Carpets - Funky Blue Army Camo - Multiple Sizes/Colors

Fun Camo/Camoflauge Area Rug: Joy Carpets - Funky Black Army Camo - Multiple Sizes/Colors

Fun Camo/Camoflauge Area Rug: Joy Carpets - Funky Green Army Camo - Multiple Sizes/Colors

Fun Camo/Camoflauge Area Rug: Joy Carpets - Funky Brown Army Camo - Multiple Sizes/Colors

Joy Carpets - Funky Camo - Pink 5'4" x 7'8"
Joy Carpets - Funky Camo - Pink 5'4" x 7'8"

As I've mentioned, deciding what personality you want your room to take on will dictate what color and style camouflage pattern you use.

Playful camo rugs in a variety of colors help to ground your decor while adding to the room's relaxed spirit.

If you've solid color bedding, a camo rug of similar hue can add interest and depth to the bedroom.

These fun camo rugs can help create a nice focal point in your room, as the eye is easily drawn to their unique pattern. With their bold look that's full bravado, camo rugs make easy work of creating that all-important first impression.

Pink Camo/Camouflage Accent Rug
Pink Camo/Camouflage Accent Rug

The Ageless Camo Pattern

Pink Camouflage Area Rug

Camouflage is one distinct pattern that caters to all ages making it quite the versatile and economical pattern to use when decorating for kids. There's no need to toss the old design for the year's popular style. Kids' tastes and interests change as rapidly as their shoe sizes and if you're not careful, decorating can be pricey.

I recommend opting for patterns that can moprh into the 'age o' the day' with a few change outs of accessories versus full blown paint, bedding and wall decor.

I like JoJo Designs for their quality decor and bedding pieces, so finding their version of camo design on rugs and accessories was a real treat. Here's their pink camo pattern as part of their complete line if you're interested on expanding your love of camo.

Realtree Camo Rug: Realtree Wetlands Solid Camo Rug ~ Various Sizes

Realtree Camo Rug: Realtree Timber Solid Camo Rug ~ Various Sizes

Realtree Camo Rug: Realtree Hardwoods Solid Camo Rug ~ Various Sizes

Realtree Max 4 Solid Camo Novelty Rug Rug Size: 5'4" x 7'8"
Realtree Max 4 Solid Camo Novelty Rug Rug Size: 5'4" x 7'8"

Camouflage can be a warm welcoming design to dress your floor in. It's bringing the outdoors inside lending to a relaxing abode versus a steely, sterile ambiance.

RealTree Camo rugs are ideal for log cabin homes, man dens, farm houses --anywhere you want to beckon an unexpected element of woods and nature, flora and fauna.

These more sophisticated designs betrayed by RealTree camouflage will ground your overall look, creating that tranquil 'walk in the woods' aura you love.

Blue Camo Accent Rug Army Camouflage
Blue Camo Accent Rug Army Camouflage

Going Conservative with Bold

Blue Camo Rug by JoJo Designs

Camo is a design all its own. It's highly visual, grabbing the admirers' attention without the effort of blinking lights and blaring noises.

Decorating doesn't get much simpler than that.

But just as easily as camo can make its mark, going overboard with such boldness will cancel out your decorating efforts. Camo can be quite the dizzying design when every nook and cranny is gung-ho camo. Be careful with the pattern, as this is one that's best left on the conservative side. Choose a few key pieces and pair your plain bedding with a camo rug for best results.

Less is more.

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