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Let Cedar Gable Vents Add A Little Something Extra To Your Home

Updated on April 16, 2009

What are Cedar Gable Vents?

Most Cedar Wood Gable Vents are made from cedar wood. Cedar gable vents can withstand both hot and cold weather and can last the test of time. Cedar is often used to preserve precious objects in chests as it is one of the most durable of all woods. Cedar gable vents not only add beauty to your home, but they are very practical, too.

If you have gables in your home, which is areas where the roof line comes to a point, you should have gable vents. The hot air in your home rises to these gables and stays stagnant in the home. If it cannot be released, it remains and causes you to lose cool air in the summer time. You can save energy by installing gable vents.

Cedar Gable Vents are easy to install and to maintain. Because they are pre conditioned, you do not need to maintain them. Once installed, they are louvered so that air can escape but not get in. You are better off to have two gable vents in the upper portions of your house so that you can allow the air to flow out freely.

Even if you do not have gables, cedar gable vents can be installed in any area where you feel you need ventilation. These make a great way to make your home energy efficient as well as healthier. Stagnant air remaining in the house can cause health problems, especially in the winter when there are so many germs in the air as it is. All homes need proper ventilation and gable vents can provide this in an economical way.

Installing Wooden Gable Vents is not difficult and can be done easily over open windows. If there is no window in the area where you would like to have the vent, you will need to cut in an opening. This will take the skills of an experienced carpenter, but is not a very costly project. In the long run, it will probably end up saving you money as your summer cooling bills can be dramatically reduced by installing a vent.

Cedar gable vents come in a variety of different sizes and shapes and can be made to order. If you want to get fancy, you can order an octagon shaped cedar gable vent. Or you can go with square, round or even rectangular. There are also cedar gable vents that go over doorways as well. You do not have to only put these vents in gables.

You can find cedar gable vents anywhere that you can purchase windows. You can usually get a good deal as well as a large selection if you take a look online at the different vents that are available. By shopping online for cedar gable vents, or any of the other types of cedar furniture you are not limited to what is in the store and have a lot more options from which to choose.

Cedar gable vents can be a good investment for any home. They are attractive and very functional and can end up saving a homeowner money on the heating and cooling bills.


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