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How to change a pair of PVC window hinges

Updated on January 6, 2013

First of all If you don't own a battery drill or even know what one is. Than don't even bother to read any more of this page. Because it will just bore you to death and you still will not be any the wiser.

How to tell if you need new hinges

1 : You can see a part broken

2 : Your window just won't open or close smoothly

3 : When your window is closed there is a small gap on the hinge side letting a draft in.

Buying New Hinges

Before you buy your hinges there are a few thing you need to know first.

1 : Type of hinge you need like if your window is top hung or side hung

2 : Length of the hinge

3 : The stack height of the hinge. This is the height of the hinge when closed. They are mostly 13mm or 17mm. The older pvc windows would more than likely have a 13mm stack height.

Were to buy Hinges

If you are still not to sure about what type of hinges to buy. Than your best bet is to go to a local window supplier and tell them what type of window you have. If the person is any good they should know straight away what type of hinge you need.

If you are more confident and know what you want than have a look around at Amazon or E-Bay. You can pick up pairs of hinges very cheap.

Also available now are what's called easy clean hinges. These are designed for upstairs windows with a side opening. Once the hinge is fitted you can slide the sash to one side for easy cleaning of the glass on the outside. Plus you can also get hinges with a built in child safety catch this will restrict the opening of the sash to just a few inches. Than if you want to open the sash fully you just unclick a button to allow you to fully open the sash

Replacing the Hinges.

When replacing the hinges you will have to replace both hinges. First open the window and unscrew the hinges from the frame. You will than be able to lift the sash out. Once you have the sash out. Unscrew the hinge from the sash and just put the new one on in the same place. Turn the sash around and do the same again on the on the other side.

Now stand your sash back into the frame and screw the new hinges onto the frame.

Now that's all there is to it and by doing this job yourself you will save yourself a good few pounds. Plus you don't have the hassle of trying to get a trades man out to do this job.

Tip : When you have finished the job. Give the hinge a light coat of grease this will keep the air of the metal and will stop rust and general wear & tear. If you live close to the sea you should do this once a year. But in other case's every few years will do.

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