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Great Tips for Selecting Children's Washroom Cubicle Systems

Updated on March 25, 2014

Designing a washroom set aside for children is a bit different from designing washrooms for adults. Though you certainly require to keep hygiene and practicality in mind, you also need to make the area colourful, bright and exciting. The needs for cubicle systems in washrooms for young persons, particularly those of pre-school and primary school age are distinctive and really must have distinctive solutions. To keep the room exciting and practical, keep the following thoughts and ideas in mind.

Consider Washroom Space Requirements

Space requirements should be considered as you're designing a washroom for children. These requirements are different than those of adults, since there is a big size difference. Both the width and height can be smaller than that of washroom cubicles for adults. Various areas have certain requirements for the dimensions of washrooms, so you may want to check the regulations in your area as well.

Cubicle Partitions and Doors Ought to Be Lower

Another consideration to keep in mind as you work on designing a washroom for kids is the level of the doors and partitions for the washroom cubicles. These washrooms do not have to have cubicle systems that have full height partitions and doors. Since children of this age are not as tall as adults, you can go with doors that are substantially lower than those used within washrooms for adults. Privacy is not as important of an issue as you create the design for these bathrooms and proper supervision and simple access are necessary. Usually you'll have a couple of division and door heights available to you, allowing you to make a selection that works the best for the washroom you are designing.

Washroom Safety is Important

As you design children's washrooms, you need to keep safety in mind. Accidents can occur in the washroom if proper safety measures are not implemented. Only buy cubicle systems that contain safety features on them. Some safety features to look for contain anti-finger trap hinges and door locks with emergency releases. Safety needs to be a primary concern as you design the washroom so children can stay safe while using the facilities.

Vibrant Designs and Colours

Of course, you'll also desire to make use of fun colours and designs in a washroom for children. Children love colours and the use of bright colours will tend to keep the room cheery and vibrant. Cubicle systems can be purchased to match other aspects of the washroom to provide a long-lasting and creative design. Top cubicle companies offer a wide range of cubicle choices specifically made for children, allowing you to easily locate delightful designs and colours.

Since kids are developing quickly when they're young, you need to surround them with environments that are stimulating. Even the washroom design ought to furnish stimulation. Make the most of these tips and ideas, which will enable you to go with choice cubicle systems that will provide children with an atmosphere that is delightful and vibrant.


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