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Tips on how to choose a plumber

Updated on July 28, 2014

Choosing a plumber may not be very difficult at times, especially, if there are not many to choose from. However, when a person has to choose a plumber from a bunch in the city, then it becomes all the more difficult. It is advised that homeowners should go with established plumbers. Established plumbers are always the best, simply because there are very few plumbing firms that sustain long enough to survive the market pressure. Plumbing is considered a very difficult profession, and considering the toughness of the job, many plumbers discontinue and change their profession after being in the trade for a while. Here are few tips to follow when choosing the best plumber in town.

Select a plumber beforehand

Plumbing needs are often ignored and left till the last moment. A sudden need of a plumber to fix an emergency faucet repair or a clogged drain repair will not give enough time for homeowners to choose the best in town. The emergency and the demand of the situation will lead homeowners to find what they can, without even looking into the background of the chosen plumber. Therefore, always fix up a plumber, even when a person doesn’t require one. Get the phone numbers of the chosen plumber, and other contact details, and when the emergency arises, call him in.

Get a licensed plumber

It is important to select a firm that is licensed. A licensed plumber will provide warranty, and more importantly, a homeowner can always file a case against the plumber, if he does not honour the terms and conditions during the warranty period. A firm without a license number cannot be traced and no claims can be put against the firm. Secondly, a licensed firm will always carry insurance, and therefore, it protects a home owner’s interest.

Choose the one with better customer service

A good customer service is essential. A plumbing firm can be measured by the extent of its customer service. In modern times when every one can be reached through a call on a cell phone, it is very important for a professional plumber to either carry a mobile phone, or get a receptionist at his office to receive calls. Customers normally require a plumber in case of emergency, and therefore, a phone call should be received to cater to needs.

Prefer fixed price deal

It is wise to choose a fixed price for any plumbing job. A homeowner should never negotiate an hourly paid contract.

Look for references

A homeowner is advised to seek reference before selecting a plumber. A neighbour or someone at the place of work can provide useful inputs, which will help a homeowner to choose a plumber. There are plenty of sites that allow a person to read online reviews of various plumbing firms. Online reviews, at yelp, for instance, can be very useful for those who seek a plumber.

Warranty period

The price alone should not be the only criteria, but the length of the warranty provided by firms should also be taken into consideration. A plumbing firm is required to provide at least 6 months warranty.

Follow the tips, and a homeowner will perhaps, get the best plumber in town.


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    • profile image

      soumitra paul 3 years ago

    • profile image

      Aleeza Morgan 3 years ago

      I know this problem is very common for every home and everyone need fast and better plumbing services, thanks for this blog I think it help us very much.

    • profile image

      steve morgan 4 years ago

      I would say that use quality products and you would never have to call a plumber. The money which we spend in these plumbing expenses should be invest in purchasing quality product. A well-known example is which provide such a quality products that I never had to call a plumber.

    • profile image

      May 4 years ago

      Hey Rexertea,

      Thank you so much for your informational blog. Checking online about customer reviews is something I hadn’t thought to do when looking for a plumber but that seems like it would be a wonderful idea! While searching through blogs about plumbing I found this one that might be helpful to some people looking at this blog: . It talks about some different things that you can try to do before calling a plumber (if it isn’t an emergency). Thanks for the great post, I look forward to reading more!

    • profile image

      Rajiv Sighamony 6 years ago

      Yes Simone, you can definitely have fixed price deals. But you should have prior knowledge of the rates and how difficult the work is.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      I didn't realize it's sometimes possible to have fixed price deals. That's super convenient!