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Cockroach in Water Dispenser, Now What?

Updated on March 9, 2014

A Crushed Cockroach Suddenly Appear in My Drinking Glass

It's really terrifying! I can't figure out how many days or maybe even weeks those cockroaches infested in my water dispenser.

I noticed there are cockroaches in my water dispenser when I took a glass of water and a crushed cockroach fell from it. That happens after replacing a new 5-gallon bottle of water.

At first I thought, the cockroach must come with the new 5-gallon water bottle so I asked my husband to remove that and replace with the new one. Before we replace with the new one, we inspect it if it was clean and free from any cockroach. I also looked at the water dispenser. There's no cockroach so, my husband put the new gallon of water and guess what, a new crushed cockroach came out from the water dispenser.

That time I asked my husband if he can dismantle the dispenser, then after removing the top part of water dispenser, we've seen a very unpleasant surprise. There are lots of cockroaches, some are dead and crushed and some are still alive.

That time, I really don't know what to do. I just immediately asked my husband to throw away the water dispenser and drain the water inside the 5-gallon bottle because I know that it's been contaminated by the cockroaches.

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Check Your Water Dispenser Regularly

If you look from the top, you'll never find any cockroaches, but if you open the inner portion of water dispenser, you might find some of them.

My husband is the only one who didn't have a reoccurring cough and colds inside our house, maybe because he was not very exposed to our dirty drinking water, unlike us who stayed inside of our house most of the time.

Now, I know the culprit. After removing the water dispenser infested with cockroach, all of our cough and colds never came back.

Cockroaches inside water dispenser
Cockroaches inside water dispenser

After Throwing the Water Dispenser Infested with Cockroaches

We still have another, actually last one of 5-gallon bottle of water and its very difficult to get water out of that because it was very heavy.

After what happened, I don't have any plan of buying another water dispenser. So, I decided to buy lots of 2-liter bottled water.

During that time, I think I am throwing 6 numbers of 2-liter purified drinking water everyday. We consume that much because even for cooking rice and soups, I also use purified drinking water.

I was planning to buy a gallon of water with built in faucet, but no one from here is currently offering that.

After almost a month, an Indian salesman knock on my door. He was asking if I already have a reverse osmosis water system. He was like an angel sent from the heaven because he gave me an idea to solve my problem.

If ever you encounter this problem

What do you think is the best solution if your water dispenser or water cooler was infested by cockroaches?

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My First Reverse Osmosis Water System

6 stage reverse osmosis water system
6 stage reverse osmosis water system
reverse osmosis water faucet
reverse osmosis water faucet

Pure and Clean Drinking Water Right From the Faucet

The next day, the salesman came with a plumber and an installer of reverse osmosis system. They install it under my kitchen sink. The installation was very quick. It only took them less than an hour. Actually, it was very easy to install. There's an installation guide with pictures and the steps are very straight forward.

After the installation, we fill and drain the system thrice.

The next morning when I took a glass of water, it was clear as glass. No taste, no smell. Now, I don't have to worry about any crushed cockroach juices mixed in the drinking water of my husband and kids. Also, I don't have to buy lots of bottled water from the grocery.

6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System - It's a lot healthier and a lot cheaper than you think

Having your own reverse osmosis system is safer than buying bottled water from the grocery. Just think and observe. Do you know how they clean the 5-gallon bottle of water? Do you know who was the last one who used that big bottle? Is their dispenser clean? How about the storage of 5-gallon bottles before they reach your home?

Making your own purified drinking water is not only a lot cheaper in the long run. It's also healthier and safer for you and your family.

Reverse Osmosis System is an Investment

We pay almost $80 for purified drinking water per month. After 6 months, I'm done with my investment. I don't have to worry about electricity and water bill because that's very cheap in my location.

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    • MBurgess profile image

      Maria Burgess 3 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      That sounds like a very disturbing situation. I used the gallon sized bottles and refill them occasionally, but would like a filter system. I am glad you shared your story. I was thinking about a dispenser like this, but after reading your lens, I am a bit creeped out by it!