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Colored Toilet Paper

Updated on August 27, 2013

Where Can You Buy Colored Toilet Paper ?

What happened to colored toilet paper in the first place ? Can you still find it today ?

In the 1950's up to the 1970's, colored toilet paper was commonly sold in the United States. You would have a variety of colors to choose from to complement your bathroom decors. You could find them usually in light pastel colors : pink, lavender, light blue, light green, purple, green,.

Some of us even remember how hard it was to find a plain white roll of toilet paper.

And now ? Sure, you will find patterns and designs on the toilet paper, but a one-color colored toilet paper is hard to find.

colored Cottonelle toilet paper
colored Cottonelle toilet paper

What Happened to Colored Toilet Paper

Colored toilet paper rolls were very popular in 50's and 60's, but some series of events started to hurt directly the reputation and of course the sales of these toilet paper rolls.

There were concerns about the hygiene of artificial dyes. Some doctors were saying that they could cause skin irritation and lead to bladder infections.

Ecologist were saying that they were not good for the environment. People didn't want colored toilet paper in their septic tanks for example.

People slowly stopped buying them and looking for the plain white toilet paper with no perfumes. Manufacturers didn't really fight it since it costs less to produce the white ones anyway.

I do remember buying the pink scented toilet paper in France when I lived there (maybe 10 years ago) It was weird for me the see these, they look "old grandma" pink pastel to me. They were widely available and the plain white ones were more expensive, which means pastel toilet paper didn't disappear completely...

photo credits :

1982 Cottonelle There was one color to fit any decoration.

Colored Toilet Paper Ads - Original Print Ads from the 50's

These are not the colored toilet paper ads that I remember ! I wasn't there in the 50's but these are just gorgeous ! These are original print ads from Northern and Scott Tissue.

Soft-Weve - Toilet Paper in the 50's

If your looking for vintage, you have to stop at Ebay. Toilet paper ads have never been so glamor !

Colored Toilet Paper TODAY - Move over pastels...

Biodegradable and Nontoxic

RENOVA is a company that produces tissues : toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins. They are most known around the world now for their colored toilet papers and their ad campaigns, (Although, I have not seen one before researching this lens...) Their sexy toilet paper campaigns were first launched in 2002 and their biggest success is the black toilet paper

Color Means Color - As you can see, they didn't go half way with colors...

Fushia -Pink- Toilet Paper 6 Pack - Renova
Fushia -Pink- Toilet Paper 6 Pack - Renova

I am PINK : cute, royal, ambitious

Blue Toilet Paper 3 Pack - Renova
Blue Toilet Paper 3 Pack - Renova

I am BLUE : spiritual, loyal, intelligent

Red Toilet Paper 3 Pack - Renova
Red Toilet Paper 3 Pack - Renova

I am RED : energetic, passionate, sexy


Black Toilet Paper with Paper Pot

BlackToilet Paper and Paper Pot
BlackToilet Paper and Paper Pot

This picture is from a Japanese shopping site ( - but there is an easier way than going to Japan to get these colorful paper holder and toilet paper. yes...

Do You Remember Colored Toilet Paper ?

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    • Marie Melodie profile image

      Marie Melodie 5 years ago

      @Ibidii: oh yeah... funny how they made it fancy and expensive !

    • profile image

      Ibidii 5 years ago

      Yes, I do remember colored TP. I cannot believe I have not noticed that the colored TP was not on the shelf. I guess because I usually but the same 1000 sheet roll and never looked at any thing else in the isle! LOL!! I also think that becase I have seen paper towels and paper napkins with color and design, it did not make me think about no colored TP.! LOL!!! Thank you Marie for this information! Now, next time I go out to the store I am going to look! WOW those bright color tissues will be great for craft projects! I would not use it for what it was intended! too expensive!!! LOL!!! great lens Marie! :)

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Yes, I do! Mostly pink and blue. We went to Portugal many years ago and one of the things I remember was green toilet paper that resembled crepe paper. Very interesting! :) Cool topic!

    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 5 years ago

      Absolutely, I use to wipe my dinosaurs bottom with it (ha ha, sorry, I couldn't resist).