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Creative Ideas For Using String Lights To Decorate Bedrooms

Updated on September 18, 2014

String Lights Used For More Than Holiday Decoration

Nowadays, we can see a large number of home decoration lovers choose string lights for outdoor and indoor decor. Sometimes, even a simple string of white lights can add a touch of playful, modern, whimsical, romantic or cozy feeling to the whole house. For the Childrenâs room, colored led string lights are even very great accessory for the lights can create a dreamy world for the kids, not just the holiday vibe. The string lights have great variations, so they are flexible in decorating the bedrooms, or childâs room.

What Are String Lights?

If you have any experience of decorating the house during Christmas, you will know the string lights well. They are festive strands of lights hung on the Christmas tree during winter holiday seasons as well as very innovative lights that are attractive in some hotels. The string lights include electrical wire encased in plastic, with small sockets for light bulbs. They can be different in size or shape. People love string lights for their charm of clear lights, or symmetry of string lights of the same color or even their diversified changing color of the light.

The string lights are gradually popular for indoor and outdoor parties for lighting as well as setting special mood. Usually, the string light bulbs have something extra. For example, we can see the string lights with theme of St. Patrick’s Day party may be characterized by covers in the form of clovers. For Valentine’s Day, the string lights are made with heart shaped bulb covers. The string lights can be set to echo any theme of the occasions.

String lights are popular decorative items for various occasions also because of their UL tested safety. But we have to notice that not every string light is appropriate for every condition. Some of the string lights are designed for outdoor and indoor decoration, but some are made only for indoor decor. Though we can attach the string lights to other strands of lights, we have to make the string lights attached no more than 3 strands.

Home Decor Lovers Use String Lights For Indoor Decor

LED string lights are not just lighting for holidays, but decorative accessories for rooms. We can find a variety of string lights that can create better lighting and aesthetical effect.

LED String Lights Flexible for Indoor Decor

String lights are great to play around and this has much to do with their very cheap price. Of course, the string lights are also very versatile. Never just associate them with those very simple light bulbs that are only for set up in the fixture. Rack your mind and come up with some new ideas. To shove the string lights into a bottle or wrap the string lights around branches. They can make a great difference. Here are some common ways to embellish the rooms with innovative string lights.

Decorate the house all over with some wacky lights, not just one type of light for the house, neither decorate only a small part of the house with lights. Novelty lights, if you give them right location, will just shine as a unique accent. They are energy efficient and the brightness they give out is never strong.

Hang the string of lights with innovative covers or suspend the string lights from hooks in the ceiling. Arrange the lights along the cabinets in the kitchen or suspend the lights behind the table cloth for romantic lighting vibe. As long as you think a little further, the string lights can bring you amazing results.

Use String Lights Simply for Adding Dimension

If you do not want to be bothered with new ideas, just get some string lights, hammer and nail prepared. Hang the lights over top with the hammer and nail. Very simple and easy. But sometimes, the simplest idea can still create strikingly decorative effect. The decoration way can help brighten the space and add dimension to the room. If you find the room not big, and if your room has white wall, the white string lights are especially proper decorative accessory.

Add String Lights for Magical Feeling

There are really too many ways of embellishing the bedroom with string lights. Hang the string lights above the bead or try this way: hang the string lights from one point in the ceiling and fan them down towards the bed. When you turn off other lights in the room, you will just be placed under a starry sky, with a canopy of whimsical effect. For this effect, we need to do more. Get more strings of lights and ensure each of the light is proper.

Create a Lighting Tunnel to Love

The lighting room can easily arouse a romantic love and this is really like a tunnel to love, a big escape from the bustling and hustling world. All we need to do is just enjoy romantic time here. For creating such lighting effect, we need to get some yellow string lights and some vaporous fabric. Create a tunnel of love with the led lights and add more fun to life.

Decorate the String Lights Along Headboard

Actually, we don’t need real headboard in the bedroom. Just try tome fake curtain and then decorate the curtain with the light strings. This is a very suitable lighting solution for the bedroom without any windows. The string lights together with the fake curtain just add a great fake window during the daytime. That’s a double win lighting solutions.

Blend Seasonal Vibe With Lighting

If you love spring, then apply the string lights and other accessories to lighten up a bedroom with spring theme. Try some cute wallpaper, especially the wallpaper with flowers or green plants that are typical in spring. I bet your girls will surely be amazed by it. Simple. Christmas string lights, cute headboard and some wall papers. This lighting decor is practical as well for the lights can work as very nice reading light.

More Innovative String Lights For Bedroom

As long as we think a little bit further about the indoor lighting decor, we can decorate the rooms nicely with the string lights. String lights are not just used for Christmas and we can find a variety of innovative string lights for different decorations.


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