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Crystal Cats

Updated on December 1, 2014

Crystal Cats - the elegance of the cat makes a purrfect present!

I am not a collector of "things" but in recent years I have become a collector of crystal cats. I am here to tell you about the best crystal cats. The elegance of the cat is legendary and this is reflected in the beauty of a crystal cat. The cat is an animal who shows courage and prowess in hunting, an almost miraculous ability to land on its feet in nearly every circumstance, an independence it relinquishes to return to kittenhood for our entertainment and its own benefit and a sang froid that would put any A list celebrity to shame. You can safely say I am indeed an admirer of cats in general and Persian cats in particular. My collection of crystal cats is small, and not valuable, but I love it and so do my cats.

Whether you want to buy crystal cats or just look at Lalique cats, please enjoy your visit among the elegant glass cats here. The elegance of the cat is reflected in the elegance of crystal....

Images used here are my own photos please do not copy.

Cat Swarovski Crystal 24k Gold Plated Figurine NIB

Swarovski cats combine an angular design typical of traditional cut glass and lead crystal designs with a cuteness that is hard to define. I have seen some beautiful Swarovski cats that are very cute indeed!

Swarovski crystal cat - Mother cat in Swarovski crystal

Here she is, pacing up and down, her tail held high in hopes of catching the birdie....

SWAROVSKI Crystal Mother Cat
SWAROVSKI Crystal Mother Cat
Swarovski crystal is enduringly popular and collectable. This is a lovely example of a Swarovski mother cat.

Swarovski Crystal Crystal Kitten Standing 631856

Adorable Swarovski kitten standing ready to chase his pink crystal ball.

So very cute!CHECK PRICE

Here is a cute cat looking up made from the Animal Kingdom Shop. To buy this glass cat, or see more details, simply click on the image above.

Waterford Crystal Cat Collectible, Sitting-Looking Up

Mother cat and kittens crystal sculpture - Crystal cat and kittens

This crystal cat and kittens was purchased by me in an antiques mall in British Columbia. These cats have a habit of waiting for me in odd places and leaping out when I least expect it. A few spare dollars is all it takes to rehome a group of elegant crystal felines and indeed what could be more feline or elegant than crystal cats and kittens....

Baccarat Egyptian Cat Sculpture. - Egyptian Elegance Personified in this crystal feline deity

Bast is an image I am fond of. I have several Egyptian cats in china, but have yet to be enslaved by a crystal Egyptian cat.... Maybe this Baccarat Crystal cat is just waiting for his chance to pounce on someone eager to offer him a home!

Baccarat Crystal Egyptian Cat Sculpture
Baccarat Crystal Egyptian Cat Sculpture
Baccarat Egyptian Cat is a wonderful crystal Egyptian Cat Deity created by the Baccarat studio in France.

Lalique Crystal Cat - Heggie is a Lalique Crystal Persian Cat....

Heggie is a Lalique Crystal Persian Cat. She is sitting watching the world around her as all good Persians do. It is only a matter of time before she melts my heart and comes home to join my fluffy Persians.... I especially like the milky frosted appearance of Lalique crystal.

LALIQUE Crystal Sitting Tiger

What is the value of Lalique crystal? Well, to me it is simply a thing of beauty. Whilst some may buy Lalique crystal tigers as an investment, I would never wish to part from them! The tiger is feline power and perfection personified. Tigers are endangered because of human greed and yet a world without the tiger would be sadly impoverished. The value of the tiger is greater than the value of Lalique ever could be, but these crystal tigers are special. For me, the tiger is a spiritual animal, a totem to which I am irresistibly drawn. I hope and pray the world will have tigers for many more millenia!

Lalique Ashtray Tiger

8 7/10 in

It seems strange to me that anyone would consider using Lalique as an ashtray, smoking is such a filthy habit and ashtrays can be so rank, but some do.... Here is a Lalique crystal tiger ashtray. If I could afford to buy this Lalique tiger ashtray it would stay empty - except if smokers came to visit - then I would fill it with nuts or olives just in case. Or I would send them out into the garden!

Pride of lions in crystal - Crystal Lioness and Cub

What reflects the word "pride" more than a pride of lions? Here I found a crystal lioness and her cub - again they hunted me down, mall rat that I am, in an antiques emporium in British Columbia. How could I resist these little crystal big cats?

Crystal cats in the bargain basement? - Bid for Crystal Cats and Crystal Kittens here

Will these cats make a bid for the freedom of your living room, or will you escape them (for now)

Crystal Cats and Kittens are waiting to pounce at an emporium near you! Watch out!


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