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Crystals Old & Crystals New

Updated on October 21, 2014

Crystal Blue Jewelry


Crystals Crystals Everywhere

Crystals are pretty and sparkly when they catch the light. They can be gems, rocks, or even ice creations. Crystals are a solid substance with repeating orderly patterns. The light is bounced around from flat surface to flat surface and rainbows are born into the world. Angels smile when rainbows are born.

They are beautiful decorative pieces that are occasionally used for healing or ceremonial practices.

Ok then.

Crystals New

Natural Healing

Reiki is a holistic sister of crystal therapy. The theory behind both is that energy can be transmuted by touch. Reiki uses hands to direct the healing power, whereas crystals are placed at certain points on the body to elicit therapeutic responses.

Crystals Old

Energy Of Crystals

Crystals contain earth energy as well as being channelers of energy. Crystals can actually hold on to energy, good or bad. Fortunately crystals can be cleared or cleansed with running water in your sink. Just let the bad rinse away.

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