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How Can I give My home ‘Kerb Appeal'?

Updated on October 16, 2017
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Stella has written many property-related articles due to fourteen years' experience in residential lettings and renovation in the UK.

Make Your House Stand Out! It's No Big Deal to Add ‘Kerb Appeal'


Elegant Elevations


Give Your Home Exterior 'A Face Lift'

The front elevation of your property is like the cover of a book when it comes to prospective purchasers or house guests. Perhaps a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover as the old saying goes but no one will want to turn the first page if it doesn’t have immediate appeal. In much the same way, no one will want to open your front door if your home is lacking in kerb appeal.

'Kerbing' Your Spending!

Boosting your home’s kerb appeal shouldn't cost the earth whether you're planning to sell up or if you just want to ‘Keep up with the Joneses’ and make a lasting impression on your guests.

Take a critical view of your house from the other side of the road and compare it with similar properties. Does it look better than the others, worse or the same? You wouldn’t want any prospective purchasers to drive off in dismay, so if you want a quick sale or even if you're just expecting a visit from some posh relatives, you can easily spruce up the exterior of your home with very little expenditure of time and money and it might even add a bit of value to your house.

The roof should be your home’s crowning glory. Make sure there are no ‘Hanging gardens of Babylon’ consisting of weeds and silt blocking the guttering, or any climbing plants about to invade under the eaves. Both can cause long-lasting problems with penetrating damp.

Be sure the roof tiles are all present and functional. Any lead flashing around chimney breasts or flat roofing around dormer windows should be checked to see that all joints and seals are watertight. If you're uncertain about anything, get advice from a professional roofer.

Does the outside of your house look like ‘The Day Of The Triffids’? If so you'll have to prune your mile-a-minute vines which have taken over the outside of your house, in order to protect the fabric of the building.

Missing pointing between the brickwork is another repair concern that can cause serious problems with damp penetration but it can so easily and cheaply be replaced with the aid of a ladder, a trowel and a bit of cement.

If your property has cracked and broken rendering that's too expensive to replace, you might have to patch it up in places and paint over to hide ugly cracks.

Make sure all window frames are in good order and see that they don't require any re-puttying or wood filler treatment where sections may have rotted before they're varnished or painted. Even the zero maintenance UPVC variety will benefit from a good clean. Don’t forget to give some sparkle to the panes themselves and it's a nice touch to fit coordinating curtains or blinds to give a good overall appearance. All this can be achieved surprisingly cheaply.

Exterior woodwork can be given a fresh coat of weather- resistant paint or wood stain product such as Sadolin yacht varnish which comes in a variety of attractive colours and enhances all natural wood. Fences, window and door frames will also benefit from such a coating and it prolongs the life of the wood.

Whatever the size of your front yard or garden make it as attractive and pleasant a space as possible. All boundaries should be clearly defined and structurally sound and grassed areas and flower beds should be kept perfectly in trim and free of weeds.

Wrought iron gates look smart with a glossy coat of metallic paint such as Hammerite. Why not use a combination of black with gold trim tips for an ultra classy appearance? A few hanging baskets and tubs placed strategically will be a nice finishing touch to any frontage. You can even do this in winter with the vast selection of plastic flowers now available which look far more authentic than years ago.

If paving slabs are too cracked, broken and uneven to repair why not cover the forecourt with gravel in an attractive colour? The plastic sheeting and chippings required to do this need not be expensive if the area to be covered is small and you'll transform the look of your front garden completely.

And finally, don’t forget your front door. All door furniture, brassware and numbers should be bright and shiny and a ‘Welcome’ mat will draw your visitors or prospective purchasers into the interior of your house - which will hopefully be just as immaculate as the exterior.

All of the above can be done quite rapidly and easily with a few spare weekend trips to your local DIY and very little expense.

So now when you stand on the other side of the road you'll be proud that your house is the one that definitely has the most kerb appeal

Kerb appeal and Curb appeal - on Both Sides of The Atlantic!


Curb Appeal for Americans!

Kerb Appeal for the British!

© 2015 Stella Kaye


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