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Dandelion Myths and Uses

Updated on February 25, 2016
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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

My Favorite Flower

Dandelions are a gift brought to these shores by early French settlers, though the exact date is debated. Long adored as a wonder plant, they also became precious in that they could feed bees at a time when few or no native blossoms were out.

Tough as nails, they had survived months on ships to get here, could be eaten down to the ground and return, and put up with being trampled. Most glorious of all, they multiplied faster than bunnies. But as America drifted away from the home garden something happened. This once treasured plant got the mistaken name of "weed". Read on to learn the real history of the plant still adored by millions of people worldwide.

Yes that's my own intro photo, enjoy!

All photography and writing are my original work. All videos are used for demostrative purposes only. Links have been provided to the sources. However if you are the original artist or copyright holder and want additional links and credit or something removed, please contact me.

Lion's Tooth

The name translates from the French to lion's tooth or teeth, depending on who you ask.

Great Depression Cooking - Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Myths

Dandelions are weeds. No way! Dandelions are vital plants packed with nutrients that were brought over as precious food, dye, and household supply sources. Dandelions are not native to the US and most sources link them back to France.

Dandelions prefer wastelands. Where do people get these ideas? No, dandelions are happiest in rich fertile soil. Though they will happily grow anywhere, a good reason they were so prized by early gardeners.

They are useless weeds. Dandelions are super useful. You can make dye, tea, coffee, wine, a quick treatment for cuts, salad, paint; even I've heard, candy. They also improve, not degrade soil.

They are poison. No. This is something our newly-arrived ancestors passed down. Since they weren't sure what was safe to eat, kids were told everything was poison. You can eat all parts of a dandelion, though some parts are bitter.

The roots can run away from weeders. Sadly a dandelion can't move. What happens is that dadelions like other tubers can grow back from a tiddly bit of root, providing all the working parts are there.

Dandelion Root Coffee

10 Kid's Uses For Dandielions

  1. Close your eyes, blow, and make a wish! If the whole puffball can be blown away, your wish will come true.
  2. Make a crown of dandelions. This is a great offering for the fairy folk.
  3. Offer an adult a yummy salad of clean dandelion leaves and violet flowers.
  4. Want to know how many inches you will grow? Find the biggest danelion you can, carefully pick it, saving the whole stem. However many inches it is, that's how much you will grow.
  5. Gently rub a dandelion flower on your chin or wrist. If you turn yellow, you like butter. Neat, huh?
  6. Have mom or dad show you how to roast the roots for a natural coffee safe for kids.
  7. Learn how to make a dye from the flowers.
  8. Got a cut? The milk from the stem acts as an antiseptic.
  9. Pick a bunch for an adult. Maybe a lonely person could use the cheer they bring.
  10. If you can catch a floating puffball or seed, tell her all your secret wishes. Then puff gently to set her free. She will carry your wishes to the fairy kingdom.

The Dandelion Seed

A truly sweet children's book. Kids get to follow the life cycle of a dadelion, a great teaching moment if ever there was one about life and death. But the book isn't grim in the least. Kids and adults will be amazed at just how much a tiny seed has to face to get to be a big, beautiful dandelion.

The Dandelion Seed
The Dandelion Seed

A great story about having faith at a time when all seems lost. A dandelion seed has to face a lot, being tossed by winds, feeling neglected, feeling all is lost. But in the end an amazing thing happens. A great way to teach children to have faith in spite of hardships.


How to Make Dandelion Wine

That Magical Plant

Dandelions have a lot of magical uses. Some folks use them to promote abundance, others say they bring serenity to a spell. I've had the most luck using tough little dandelion in spells where the outcome seems hopeless. Always remember to thank our plant friends for being useful to us. This is not only the right thing to do, but the deva or spirit of the plant will be more inclined to help you reach your magical goals.

Herbs: Dandelion Leaf (Organic)
Herbs: Dandelion Leaf (Organic)

Remember like any other plant dandelion can be harvested by moon or sun phase. If you have bulk use the equivalent of "magical east". Think distinctly of the moon phase you want and the plant as it was at the time. Ask the Goddess and the plant spirit to bless your magic, and go for it.


A Witch Speaks Up For Dandelions

Dandelion: Celebrating the Magical Blossom

Filled with art, a pro-dandelion attitude, and magical uses for the plant. Of course some debate if this is Wiccian magic or whimsical non-magical person magic, but if it works, it works! Inspired by such books as Dandelions are Free, it is a great addition to any witches spellbook or lore collection.

Dandelions are Free

The cadillac of dandelion books. Offers uses in cooking, cartoons, dandelion lore and more. A long-time favorite of dandelion fans everywhere, it is a must have for those cloesly linked to the belle of the fields.

Dandelions Are Free
Dandelions Are Free

With a title based on an earlier poem, the book is lighthearted and whimsical. Definitely a gentle, pro-green book. This edition is even printed on recycled paper.


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    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Awww, thanks, Tipi! I always loved them. My least favorite task as a child was killing them so my dad could have the 'perfect' green lawn. Thanks for the visit, hugs! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I love that where others see weeds you see the most beautiful cool are you!!! You brought back memories of sitting on the lawn for picnics growing up and Mom smiling and pointing out all the beautiful gold dandelions have always been linked to happiness for me. I love your list of ten activities to do with dandelions, I still love blowing dandelion dust and often had that yellow chin...and nose from sniffing. Thank you for improving the reputation of the lovely dandelion!

    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 4 years ago

      @cmadden: Aww, thanks cmadden! Hope the rest of your day was dandy as well, LOL! Thanks for visiting, hugs! :)

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      cmadden 4 years ago

      Oh, dear, I can't resist . . . this is a *dandy* lens! :-> . Phew! Now that I have that out of my system, I enjoyed reading this page, and learned a bit, too.