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Deer Toilet Paper Holders

Updated on October 2, 2014

Oh dear...these are some classy decor pieces, even for hunter standards!

Looking for a toilet paper holder with style...white tailed Deer style? These fun novelty toilet paper holders are perfect for cabins, rustic decor or just as a accent piece for your super stylish manly bathroom. They make great gifts for those with a light heart & love for deer hunting!

Check this guy out!

Rivers Edge Products Standing Deer Toilet Paper Holder

This buck is all business, he's 22" tall & is sporting an orange vest, boots & hat. He'll keep that toilet paper in line for you! No true deer hunter can resist the coolness of this deer TP holder. He's a must have for any lodge or man cave. It's just classy design ladies...learn to live with it!

Rivers Edge Products Cute Deer Toilet Paper Holder
Rivers Edge Products Cute Deer Toilet Paper Holder

This guy would make any bathroom cheery!


This guy is just hilarious!

Deer Standing Toilet Paper Holder

You can't help but love this silly TP holder, he's sporting a camo hat, vest & even a bunch of buck shot! This guy stands on his own two feet & is a pretty respectable height.

Get down to the basics

Hey Dear, can you throw me a roll? Oh wait you already got one going here! Thanks Dear! All puns aside you can find everything from classy to down right silly here. Pick the one that makes you smile & go for it!

Gotta love a simple design

These faux antlers make it a classic design for deer enthusiasts & perfect for any deer themed bath decor or lodge. It's a fun design that is sure to make you want to trek out into the woods at 5 am!

Whitetail Deer Tp Holder

This one is a classic & there is even a little storage box for a spare roll. it has a rustic black painted wood design with a painted critter on the front. What hunter wouldn't love this in their man cave?!

Deer Antler Toilet Paper Holder

You really can't go wrong with this design. Sure it's simple but it sticks with the theme without being silly or goofy. It's made of cast resin that is hand painted to look just like an antler.

What did you think of the deer in the bathroom?

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