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Anything Great about Delta Faucets?

Updated on April 15, 2013

Delta Faucets are one of the most sought after residential faucet brands in the U.S. This is undeniably true as this company has more than six decades of experience in the industry. Delta Faucet Company was founded in 1954 by an extra ordinary man named Alex Manoogian. He was the person that invented the single handled ball valve faucet, which has completely revolutionized the faucet industry once and for all. Alex had never thought that the little company that he founded back then could become a giant in the faucet industry today.

Delta Faucets is not only one of the most innovative and technological advanced faucet companies in the States, but also a leader in style, fashion and sophistication. Their products are made to fulfill every household needs and styles, whether it is modern or classic. Delta is America's most trusted faucet brand.

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Delta faucets
Delta faucets
Delta faucets

Delta Faucets did not stop with the single handled faucet that invented by Alex, as years later and to cope up with the market demand particular for commercial and high-end market, this company has designed and fabricated the first electronic hands-free, automatic faucet. These automatic faucets are used in five star shopping complexes, hotels, and deluxe residential homes.

Moreover, Delta was also the first company that uses the PVD technology on their faucets. PVD coatings can improve the performance and durability of the tools and components.

Delta faucets are sold in thousands of home decor stores around the world and thus, they are very easy to find. To make it even more convenient for its customers, Delta has an online stores locator where a customer can search the nearest store at his or her place. Well, for people who want to avoid the hassle from going out, they could always try shopping online. One of the best marketplaces is none other than Amazon and they carry quite a large range of Delta faucets.

Delta Faucet offers many finishing that fit every customer needs. The most popular finishings include chrome, stainless steel, bronze and pewter in varying degrees of color enhancements so that the customer can find the best that suite his or her home decor and style.

Delta faucets is a leader in this industry and thus, they an offer an affordable rate on all their faucets and products. However, don't expect that you can get them at prices that similar to those normal brands that you can find at your local hardware stores. Delta is a premium brand but their prices are cheaper compares to other brands with similar range and quality. Depending on the material, style and design that you choose, you can get one that costs under $100 to as high as few hundreds, but it never goes more than $800 unless for special customization.

Delta Kitchen Faucets: Functionality, Durability and Beauty

Delta kitchen faucets are specially designed to combine both the functionality and beauty of home kitchen decor that loved by everyone. They have attractive design and look that catch up with the trend and which also offers the state of the art of functioning in its various products.

Delta kitchen faucets and all the accessories that they offer have the highest quality and they are technologically advanced to cope up with the latest design and modern's decor. Some of the categories of Delta faucets are as below:

  1. Diamond Seal Technology: This range includes the Leland Single Handle Pull Down Faucet with soap dispenser, Leland Single Handle Bar Faucet with Diamond Seal Technology in Venetian Bronze finish,Contemporary Single Handle Faucet with Diamond Glide Ceramic Valve and Side Sprayer and many others.
  2. Magnatite Docking: This range includes the Victorian Single Handle Bar or Prep Faucet, the Pilar Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with Touch Technology, Allora Pull-down Faucet and many other models. These faucets vary in size, finishing, design and cost. The vast varieties of this selection enable you to find the one that fits best with your kitchen decor.
  3. Some other categories include the Bar Faucets, Single Handle, Double Handle, Pullout Spray, Basin Taps and much more.

When deciding to purchase any of the faucets, you should always first make sure that it suits your style and home decor. Make sure that it not only matched but also suitable for your particular kitchen and would provide efficiency when used. Delta faucets are of high quality, so you don't have to worry about the durability. You can check you Amazon to find out what others have to say about delta faucets. And so all that is needed is for you to decide the model that works best and fits with your personal kitchen style and decor.

Installing a Kitchen Faucet by Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet Repair

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