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DeWALT DW089K Self-Leveler Review

Updated on January 19, 2012
DeWALT DW089K Self-Leveler
DeWALT DW089K Self-Leveler

Most home do-it-yourself projects don't require major equipment for ensuring things are level. However if you are building a deck, installing kitchen cabinets or adding an extra room the DeWALT DW089K self-leveler is a tool you shouldn't be without. Although in appearance it might scare of the home do-it-yourselfer, you will find that it is a huge help in ensuring projects are level and plumb. More than just a cool tool, the DeWALT DW089K will save you time and frustration when working on larger projects that require accuracy.

DeWALT DW089K Design and Weight

The DeWALT DW089K self-leveler is built for the person who makes money with their tools everyday. It weighs in under 2-pounds and is less than 6-inches tall. Although it is a sensitive piece of equipment, it is a laser level afterall, the glass case of the levels are surrounded by a metal body. This helps protect the sensitive lasers in case of small drops and bumps. According to DeWALT the DW089K self-levelers is designed to withstand a drop of 3-feet and still remain in calibration. Now that's quality. The DeWALT DW089K self-leveler also features a built-in magnetic pivot bracket. This comes in handy when it is necessary to mount the self-leveler on metal surfaces such as metal framing.

DeWALT DW089K Self-Leveler
DeWALT DW089K Self-Leveler

DeWALT DW089K Ease of Use

The DeWALT DW089K features three leveling lines instead of only two lines from other brands at comparable prices. Instead of toggle buttons that often break over time, the DeWALT DW089K self-leveler uses separate touch buttons to turn the individual lasers on and off. The buttons are clearly visible and marked for each level on the side of the units base. Simply set the self-leveler where you want to mark a line and allow it 10 seconds to calibrate.

The DW089k self-leveler lasers are also brighter than the previous DW087 and offer accuracy to 1/8-inch over a 30-foot span. This is pretty much standard in the construction industry, plus most homeowners will move the laser leveler every 20-feet if they require that distance.

Adjusting the individual levels to a mark on a wall or ceiling is accomplished by turning a knob on the top of the leveler. Unlike some laser levelers that seem to take forever to line up with a measured mark, the dial on the DeWALT DW089K self-leveler enables you to adjust the 90-degree line with pinpoint accuracy.

DeWALT DW089K Additional Features

Another quality of the DeWALT DW089K self-leveler is the detachable wall bracket. The wall bracket enables you to hand the DeWALT DW089K self-leveler for installing drop ceilings, chair rails or aligning cabinets. The bracket has two mounting holes for driving screws through to attach it to the wall. The bracket also features a slot so you are able to hang it from the top track on your drop ceiling as well.

The DeWALT DW089K self-leveler operates with 4 AA batteries. The batteries fit tight so when you remove the battery cover, they don't just fall out.

When It Comes To Tools, Invest In Quality

Don't simply rely on a standard hand level or single-line self leveler when installing cabinets, drop ceiling, building a deck or any other large project that requires level and plumb accuracy. Invest in a product from a well known brand that also stands behind it with 3-year limited warranty and 1-year free service contract. The DeWALT DW089K self-leveler is the only self-leveler you will ever need.


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    • DS Duby profile image

      DS Duby 

      6 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Great review, I have been looking at this leveler for a while now trying to decide if it was a good tool for my company. Thanks


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