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Dishes For Decorations

Updated on July 4, 2017

Dishes for all Seasons

I love using dishes as an easy and inexpensive way to add décor to our kitchen table especially to honor the change of seasons or a particular holiday. Buying new dishes can be inexpensive by using some practical ideas, you can keep it cheap and simple, we're not talking about a 48-piece set! Many department stores like Kohl's always have dishes on sale. Target is another that changes their selection frequently. These sets often come in 4 or 8-piece settings so by only purchasing the sets that fit the number of people in your family, you can have many different sets.

You can also shop thrift stores for some great bargains on dishes and yard sales also are known for having large sets of dishes, sometimes in odd numbers. I recently found a beautiful white paisley pattern for $2 each at Ross; scooped up 4 dishes and we have used them many times already. Put a charger under a white plate and you change the whole look!

If you love dishes then let the homemaker side of you get some inspiration from the ideas below.

Spring Time Dishes

We love to use our Portmeirion dishes and glasses all during the spring. They inspire use with hope of the good things soon to come out of our garden and onto our plates. These can be found in many department type stores and also at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Of course, there are many other designs to choose from, this is just to inspire you to get yourself a set!

I had a 4-piece placesetting of these dishes until...I stumbled upon 16 more pieces at a garage sale for only $20. I resold two pieces for $20 - and now have added to my set for free!

Summertime Dishes

Go Patriotic!

What better way to kick off summer than with a set of dishes that you can use all summer long from Memorial Day right through Labor Day. We pull them out for Flag Day, 4th of July and any time we eat out back on the pool deck (under the shade of the big live oak tree!). We also throw these in our rolling cooler for our summer treks to the Concerts in the Garden. Since these dishes are plastic, they are very versatile.

Don't delay, show your patriotic spirit and find yourself some dishes that help you cheer for the Red White & Blue! You can find patriotic dish sets at your local discount or department store.

Autumn Dishes

The Falling Leaves....

The transition from summer to fall takes a long time or sometimes just a week in Texas! Nonetheless, we like to "think" it's fall starting in October. I picked these dishes up at a grocery store when they went on sale and we use them daily in the fall. Of course I do have a regular set of dishes that I have had since we were married and since they were a good stone ware set, there are few chips and we use them around the seasonal dishes I have mentioned on this lens.

It's easy to have a fall theme and one way to add to the colors is to use earth tones in your place mats or tablecloths.

Again, most department stores have beautiful sets of fall dishes with Thanksgiving type themes, but I like these plain colored dishes that leave a lot of flexibility on other table/kitchen decorations.

Winter and Christmas Dishes

Just about any store you go in at Christmastime has dishes to help with your décor. These can be formal like Spode or Nikko or just a store brand or lesser known brand. The set I have is a winter scene that we use for every day dinners in the winter months. Since it is generic snowman design,we keep it out in January too! It's nice to not have to put everything away after Christmas. For our formal holiday dinners we use our china or our Nikko Christmastime dishes.

Are You A Dish Fanatic Like Me?

Do You Have More Than One Set of Dishes?

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Same Wall Plate holder, different set of plates
Same Wall Plate holder, different set of plates

Decorating With Dishes

OK, you noticed. The winter themed dishes in the poll above are not the eat off type of dish. I have a collection of dishes and the plate holder pictured here and above is one way I can display my collection. Some ideas on groupings are: Christmas/Winter; Presidents/Patriotic; Whimsical/Vintage; Fall/Thanksgiving; or state plates.

Many of the plates I have collected have been purchased at garage sales. If this is something you enjoy, it's a great place to grab some bargains. Recently I nabbed a vintage plate showing the old Flagship Hotel in Galveston that was destroyed in Hurricane Ike. We stayed at that hotel the very first time we went to Galveston. The plates in this picture were procured for $2 total at a resale shop having a Christmas clearance sale. I love bargains like these!

On the flip side of this, you may want to get rid of dishes you are no longer using. Find a resale store or donate them to charity to make space for more!

Glass Totems and Flowers

A new form of glass art is emerging at craft fairs and in artsy-type towns. Garden totems and flowers. Collectors piece together dishes, glasses, bowls, vases, vintage glass, antique glass, and uniquely shaped glass to form totems, bird feeders, or decorative forms of glass art. Also becoming popular are glass flowers. These are especially great if you do not have a green thumb!

To make any of these you must collect many pieces and types of glass in order to put together color combinations that please the artist. I currently have over 200 pieces of glass to choose from and shop at thrift stores and garage sales to keep my supply fresh. I enjoy giving these pieces away as gifts and have sold some of them also.

Replacement Dish Services

Replacements, Ltd.

The main dishes I have used for the past 32 years are a set of Noritake stone ware dishes that so far, I have not tired of. We have, occasionally broken some but I found this great replacement dish service and of course, they had my dishes. They are located in North Carolina and Replacements, Ltd. has earned a reputation for having what you need. Good Luck!

Dishes can elicit memories from the past. For instance, I inherited a set of snack plates from my Aunt. She used these snack plates on Sunday afternoons when we would visit. I couldn't wait until it was time to set the table and get them out. When I use them now, I am transported back to those family visits. I believe it was also how I learned to set a table!

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