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Disney Fairies Room Décor

Updated on October 9, 2014

Disney Fairies Room Décor: Create Your Own Pixie Hollow

Find Disney Fairies bedroom ideas and Disney Fairies Room Décor to create a Disney Fairies inspired fairy tale room.

Creating a Disney Fairies bedroom or playroom is easy and inexpensive. Turn your child's bedroom room into Pixie Hollow by adding some Disney Fairies room decorations. A few key purchases can set the tone for your kid's Disney Fairies bedroom and take it from nice to amazing.

The selection of Disney Fairies room décor below will allow you to find the Disney Fairies furniture perfect for creating your child's unique Pixie Hollow. Choose from Disney Fairies bedding, organizers and much more. For a full list of Disney Fairies bedroom products and room décor advice check out the main menu below

Let's sprinkle some pixie dust as we journey to create a Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow fairy tale room full of magic.

Tinkerbell by starrynight_012 on Flick, reproduced under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

A Little Pixie Dust Goes a Long Way

Creating a fairy bedroom with Tinker Bell and friends is a great way to add some magic to your girls bedroom. There are tons of bedroom décor items on the market for the Disney Fairies so styling your child's room to feature her favorite fairy friend is easy.

The downside to all the cool Disney Fairies products for the bedroom is that everything is so cute you want to add everything. The result is fairy overload. Your child's room looks like their was a fairy explosion in it. You eyes don't know where to look because there is just too much stuff.

Avoid the fairy explosion by limiting your licensed Disney Fairies products to a few key pieces. Take you time and browse through all the products but then go back and select a few fairy items for your kids room. A few key pieces will stand out better than a host of products scattered everywhere.

Terrance Keeper of Pixie Dust by Myrna Litt on Flickr, reproduced under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

Disney Fairies 63 inch Hummingbird Drape - Curtains for your Disney Fairies bedroom

Disney Fairies 63-Inch Hummingbird Drape
Disney Fairies 63-Inch Hummingbird Drape

These Disney Fairies Humming Bird Drapes makes a splash in any Disney Fairy themed room. Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies fly against a purple backdrop.

Disney Fairies Drapes are 100% Polyester. They are machine washable and can be tumbled dry. This makes washing your Disney Fairies themed drapes a breeze.

Drapes are 82 X 62 inches. Two tie backs are included with drapes.

Looking for a different Disney Fairies theme option? Find more great options below to complete your Disney Fairies Themes.


How To Create Your Disney Fairies Room

All you need to create the perfect Disney Fairies theme room is:

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

Well that, an inspiring room decor idea, and a little shopping!

Organize Your Disney Fairies Bedroom - Disney Fairies Toy Box

Storage is an important part of creating the perfect Disney Fairies themed room. What you need to ask yourself is whether or not this is one of the Disney Fairies elements you want to include.

Decorated storage bins makes rooms, especially children's rooms, organized. Having a specific place, like a toy box, teaches children to put away their belongings and fosters responsibility.

Disney Fairies Toy Box
Disney Fairies Toy Box

Use your Disney Fairies toy box to tidy up your young one's toys. The toy box dimension (24.6 x 15.4 x 13.5 inches) means there is lots of room to store all your Disney Fairies and other toys too. Toy Storage is always in demand and this toy box is a great combination of Disney Fairies design and function.

If you looking for a different storage option you can find more Disney Fairies theme storage options below.

Recommended for children 2 +


Tip #2

When creating your own Pixie Hollow don't forget to start with a beautiful pallet. If you can, paint! Make sure the color you choose isn't too bright. After all, the bedroom's primary function is sleep and a neon color may not be best suited to creating a restful sleep for your child.

Keep Warm with Disney Fairies Bedding - Another Functional Disney Fairies Room Décor Idea

Kids like to snuggle in their blankets. It gives them a cozy safe feeling. Why not get a functional bedding and cloak your child in their favorite Disney Fairies.

Disney Fairies bedding not only brings warmth to your child it warms their heart when greeted with familiar Disney Fairies faces. An excellent addition to help create your Pixie Hollow.

Disney Fairies Toddler Bed with Canopy
Disney Fairies Toddler Bed with Canopy

Does your toddler like Disney Fairies? This bed is the perfect option for a toddler 1st bed. It features partial side rails along the side to keep your toddler from falling off the bed at night. It also uses a crib size mattress. This extends the use of that crib mattress.

The bed is lavender and features pictures of Tinker Bell. It comes with a matching lavender canopy which adds some feminine detailing.

Your toddler will adore this Disney Fairies themed bed. Not sure? Find the perfection option for you below.


Sleep Tight in Your Disney Fairies Bed - Showcase the bed in your fairy tale room

A bed is usually a big investment but if your planning to use the Disney Fairies bed as an in between bed (from cradle-to toddler bed-big kid bed) than it makes a great option to create your Pixie Hollow haven. A bed takes up a big chunk of the room and a Disney Fairies bed will create drama and add femininity to your child's room.

If you opt to use your own bed a great alternative would be a sleepover bed that can be easily stored. Perfect for that upcoming sleepover and it will be inline with the Disney Fairies room decor.

Disney Tinkerbell Neverland - Fairies Twin Comforter Bed Set
Disney Tinkerbell Neverland - Fairies Twin Comforter Bed Set

Wrap your child up in this Disney Fairies themed twin comforter set. This comforter depicts Tinker Bell on the comforter and pillow case. Your child cannot help but have good dreams cuddled up in their Tinker Bell comforter.

Do you have this comforter already? Try the options below to find the perfect bedding for you Disney Fairies themed room.


Tip #3

If you cannot paint wall decals make a create option to bring color to your walls.

You can add them to a painted room too to add depth. Best of all they are removable and usually reusable.

Dress Your Walls in Disney Fairies - Tinker Bell and friends wall decals

You cannot create your Pixie Hollow fairy tale room without your Disney Fairies friends. Add them to your child's wall to create room décor idea come alive.

You can try out different position for these Disney Fairies wall stickers. Easy to use, remove and reposition makes these wall stickers a great pick for creating your own Pixie Hollow.

Roommates Rmk1493Scs Disney Fairies Wall Decals With Glitter Wings
Roommates Rmk1493Scs Disney Fairies Wall Decals With Glitter Wings

These Disney Fairies decals are a perfect choice for your Disney Fairies theme. Let's face it children's taste will change, and it's a lot easier to pull off removable wall decals than painting over a bright wall color. The children get their Fairies Room and you don't have change you wall colors. It's a win, win, situation.

This wall decal features all your favorite Disney Fairies including: Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn and Irridessa.

Looking for something a little different? Try these options below for more Disney Fairies wall decals.


Light Up Your World With a Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Lamp - Disney Fairies Room Décor Idea: Lighting

KNG Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell Animated  Lamp
KNG Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell Animated Lamp

A good option for a Disney Fairies themed room is to start with lighting. Most rooms can benefit from more light.

This Tinker Bell lamp features Tinker Bell swaying back and forth to "fairy" music. It is beautifully sculpted and adds a touch of magic to a Disney Fairies themed bedroom.

Wattage for this lamp is 40X70.

Explore more Disney Fairies lighting options below.


Disney Fairies Room Décor Idea: Tip #4

When creating your own Pixie Hollow make you can find color samples to test out a color on the wall. One possible color choice is Disney's I Can Fly Interior/Exterior paint, availlable at home depot; however they have more color choices to shape your Disney Fairies Room Decor.

Disney Fairies Room Décor: Table & Chairs Set - Child's size table and chair set

Kids Only Kids Only's Disney Fairies Activity Table Set
Kids Only Kids Only's Disney Fairies Activity Table Set

Looking for a Disney Fairies Table and Chair Set? This set included two folding chairs and one folding table for easy storage. Tinker Bell becomes the focus and her picture is placed directly on the table. This Disney Fairies will complete your Disney Fairies themed room. It is perfect for snacks or art and craft projects.

Looking for a different Disney Fairies table and chair set option? You can find more Disney Fairies Table and Chair Sets below.


Tip #5

Rooms are like plants because they need light to come alive. When creating your Pixie Hollow room make sure have plenty of light. It would be a shame if your Disney Fairies room was hidden in shadows.

Disney Fairies Room Rugs or Carpets - Disney Fairies Décor Idea: Flooring

Homelegend DRFRG34 Disney Fairies 3-Foot by 4-Foot Nylon Activity Rug
Homelegend DRFRG34 Disney Fairies 3-Foot by 4-Foot Nylon Activity Rug

Looking for a great Disney Fairies themed rug to warm up little toes? Try this Disney Fairies Rug.

This rug serves double duty as a game mat. It provides a great outlet for children to burn off some energy.

Have something different in mind for you Disney Fairies room? Below there are more rug options for you to choose from.

Disney Fairy Tinker Bell picture frame (Green)
Disney Fairy Tinker Bell picture frame (Green)

Looking for the perfect odds and end to tie your Disney Fairies theme together?

This Disney Fairies picture frame featuring Tinker Bell adds a finishing touch to your fairy theme. Your child will enjoy havng their memories wrapped up in their Disney Fairies Frame.

Check out the possible Disney Fairies accessories below.


Tip #6

Have you heard the expression its all in the details? Well, it's true especially for room. A well chosen accessory can create visual interest in your fairy tale room. It can increase a rooms style quotient.

Which Disney Fairies products do you have in your room? Did you find anything to add?

Do You Have Plans to Create a Disney Fairies Themed Room? - What Elements Would You Include in Your Disney Fairies Room?

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