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Home Security, Door Locks, Mortice Locks, Dead Bolts, 5 Lever Locks For Sale

Updated on December 14, 2015

Door locks

The weakest point of any house is usually the windows, with doors coming in as the second weakest point of entry for a burglar or opportunist thief.

Leaving an external door unlocked is the most easiest and dangerous thing to do around your house.

Having decent, high quality mortise and dead bolt locks and bolts on your door can deter all opportunist thieves and some determined burglars.

I have been speaking to an ex-burglar, on matters of home security. He has given me advice, after all, who is better to ask on home security than an ex-burglar / intruder. A man who has spent years trying to get through the security that you install, and succeeding easily according to "Mr X", as I will call him.


Any chain is as strong as the weakest link.

First thing, says Mr.X, if you have a back door which it a typical cheap half plywood half opaque glass, get rid of it.

These doors are very easy to get through. The burglar will just kick through the plywood and he is in your house within seconds.

Have a good solid door fitted, it need not be as good looking as your front door, but it does need to be strong.

Opt for one preferably made of hardwood or the double glazed kind, and if there is glass in the door, have it opaque and not totally see through.

The front doors are usually stronger anyway, have a spy hole fitted, even on the rear door, so you can see who is standing outside your door properly.

Ensure that the deadlock or mortice lock fitted is at least a five lever mortise lock. These locks are more difficult to pick and are much stronger.

Mortise lock
Mortise lock

Cheap Locks

Remember, the cheaper the lock, the easier it probably is to pick or to break when the door is forced.

There are many two and three lever mortise locks available quite cheaply. But do not use these on your external doors, as most semi professional burglars have some lock picking experience and can easily unlock cheap locks or simply kick them from the frame

You should use a five lever mortise lock at the least. These are stronger and harder for a burglar to pick, which means he may have to spend more time outside your house trying to get in.

The longer a potential thief spends outside, the more chance he has of being seen, and the burglar does not want to be seen. So fit a five lever mortice lock, and if you live in flats, then consider fitting two, the harder it is for the thief to get in, the more he will leave you alone.

Mortise locks can come with or without the door handle.

5 Lever Mortise Locks


When a would be thief attempts to kick a door in, the weakest point is usually the door frame.

Reinforcing the door frame, or even just where the 5 lever mortice lock is positioned, could make all the difference.

A thin strip of steel screwed into the door frame where the lock is fitted, could deter a would be intruder. The amount of noise required to kick in a reinforced door usually prevents a home from being burgled.

Click on the smaller images for full selection available.

Back doors will require a 5 lever mortise lock, two internal sliding bolts, and two hinge bolts.

This will not make the back door totally impregnable, but will be enough of an obstacle to deter anyone from continually trying to gain entry.

Front doors should have a 5 lever security mortice lock, two hinge bolts, and two dead bolts.

The dead bolts should be fitted near the top and the bottom of the door.

Cylinder Locks


The cylinder lock on the door is possibly the most important and most commonly used. Most people only shut the door when leaving or entering the house, and this lock just keeps the door closed.

Some of the chubb range of cylinder locks are very good and not that easy to pick. But again install a decent make of cylinder lock. Chubb is world renowned for their strength and durability

Never just settle for a cheap lock because you think the other ones are to expensive, they are expensive for a reason. They are better, they can help deter the burglar, they will protect your belongings, and you whilst you are asleep.

Hinge Bolt
Hinge Bolt

Adittional door security

Hinge bolts are the bolts that are attached to the door on the hinge side. They protrude out from the door about 3 cm, and when the door is closed properly, this 3cm of steel enters the door frame.

This helps prevent the door from being forced open on the side of the hinges. Use these on the back door as well, very inexpensive but worth the money.

Home security

If you are still not sure on either which lock to fit or how to fit mortise locks, then call in a locksmith. He will fit your locks for you and can advise you on which locks may best suit the type of door you have.

For internal doors, if you wish to put a lock on these, you could use the cheaper two or three lever mortise locks. Because the internal doors are quite weak, and easily smashed through, but it will slow the burglar down and he would have to make more noise getting through them.

Always reinforce door frames.

Replacement door security 5 lever mortice locks for sale only work well with a door frame which is also secure.#


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