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What's the Best Cordless Drill Power Tools

Updated on August 3, 2010

Drill Power Tools

Drill Power Tools
Drill Power Tools
Drill Power Tools
Drill Power Tools

drill power tools

For drill power tools, power is measured in voltage. The higher voltage the more torque-spinning strength the drill will have. Torque is the term used to illustrate the rotational force exerted by the drill power tools. Current higher voltage cordless drills will give virtually the same amount of torque as a corded drill power tools. Improvements to top-end voltage have increased voltages from 9.6 to 18V, and range of models includes 6, 7.2, 9.6, 12, 14.4 and 18V. Keep in mind the trade-off for power is weight. Your standard 9.6V drill weighs 3 1/2 lbs., while an 18V model can weigh up to 10 lbs.

Last summer while I was helping my dad rebuild his deck by the pool, we needed to ask the neighbor to help us since he didn’t have all the proper tools. The one power tool that he really needed and a couple of, to help save time were cordless drills.

Before cordless drills became affordable, older models had pistol grips, where the handle is behind the motor. I can remember my dad’s old clunky grey drill power tools. Current cordless models come with a T-handle: This handle flares at the base to prevent hand slippage and that is where the battery is placed. Since the battery is centered under the weight of the motor, a T-handle provides superior overall balance, mainly in heavier drills. T-handle drills will often get into tighter spaces because your hand is out of the way in the center of the drill.

An adjustable clutch differentiates electric drills from cordless drills. Located just behind the chuck, the clutch like all clutches disengages the drive shaft, making a clicking noise, when a preset level of resistance is attained. The end result is the motor is still turning, but the screwdriver bit is not.

What benefits does a clutch provide?

It gives you full control, so you don't strip a screw or overdrive it. It also helps protect the motor when there’s a lot of resistance tightening a bolt. This lengthens the life of the motor make it the best drill power tools to use

The amount of clutch settings varies depending on the manufacture of the drill; better drill power tools have at least 24. With that type of versatility, you can fine-tune the power a drill delivers. Setting the lowest number for small screws and the highest number for longer screws.

Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries are the latest break through in battery technology. They are smaller and last longer than typical nickel-cadmium (Nicad) batteries. NiMH batteries also have less of a hazard when it comes to discarding them because they don't contain any cadmium, which is toxic. Manufactures like Bosch, Makita, Hitachi and DeWalt provide NiMH batteries for their drill power tools

Every cordless drill comes with a battery charger, with recharge times varying from 15 minutes to two and a half hours. When it comes to charging faster isn't always better. There are down falls to fast charging. A quick recharge can damage the battery by generating too much heat. If you want a faster recharge, I suggest a Makita drill driver, , their “intelligent" chargers come with temperature sensors and feedback circuitry that protect the battery.

Read further to to find what are we looking

drill power tools

So now that you know what you’re talking about what are we looking?

When you purchase your drill power tools online, be sure to account for the shipping charges when comparing prices.

To make it easier for you I have outlined some points to look for
1.    Voltage: More voltage means more power and torque.
2.     Battery: Two are better than one and look for New NiMH batteries
3.    Clutch: extra settings give you greater control
4.    Speed-range switch: low is for driving screws High is for drilling;.
5.    Chuck jaws: Maximum capability on most drills is 3/8 inches. Some 14.4 and 18V drills may take 1/2-inch-diameter bits.

For gift giving like this coming father’s day, consider an all-inclusive drill set with attachments and carrying case. Just think about not have to ask your neighbor if you can borrow one of his drill power tools

Power Drill Screwdriver

What Will you get you Dad for Father's Day?

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