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Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Vacuum Review: How Good or Bad is It?

Updated on May 26, 2014

The Good and the Bad of Dyson DC65 Overview


  1. Lightweight
  2. Great suction power-245AW
  3. Cleans both carpet/hard floors
  4. Easy assembly
  5. Easy maneuvering: Self propelling so easy to move around.
  6. Pet hair? You will see no more sign of it lying around on your carpet or furniture.
  7. Excellent customer service support: I've seen the Dyson customer support staffs replying to customer complaints with useful suggestions and apologies. I've never seen this happening on other vacuum cleaner brands, so that’s one cool thing to appreciate about Dyson.
  8. Plenty of cool attachments: Customers love the tangle free one.
  9. Easy to empty bin
  10. Fairly quiet operation
  11. Lifetime washable post filter


  • No floor light: Some customers wish there was a floor light to highlight “extra stuff” on the floor. The Dyson customer service staff responded to this complaint with an apology and explanation. She said:

“Dyson engineers design our vacuums to be light weight and maneuverable. Additional components, such as a mechanism for illumination, adds weight to the machine.”

She thanked the customer for his or her feedback and asked to contact her if the customer had any further requests or notes to pass on to their team.

I like the way the Dyson team are striving to address customer complaints in a timely and respectable manner.

Key Features at a Glance

Key Features
Radical Root Cyclone Technology
5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
Tangle free turbine tool
16% Discount: You Save $100.99
Reconfigured brush bar
Free Shipping
BallTM Technology
Useful attachments
Self adjusting cleaner head

Key Features of Dyson D65 Animal Vacuum Explained:

NO 1: Radial Root Cyclone Technology

Dyson assures its customers that they will only find this advanced technology inside a Dyson machine. Their engineers have developed it in a unique way to protect it from being copied by other copycat manufacturers.

So what makes this feature stand out from the crowd?

When you’re using a traditional bagged vacuum cleaner, there is a good chance dust and dirt particles can get trapped into the tiny holes of the bag and end up clogging it. The central filters used by some bagless vacuum models can also cause clogging.

The Root Cyclone Technology has been designed in a way to improve turbulence and retain air pressure. This allows more microscopic particles to be extracted by the inner cyclones. Hence no chance of clogging or dust particles being left behind.

NO 2: BallTM Technology

All the key components of Dyson DC65 vacuum have been engineered to fit inside the ball (see image) which allows easy maneuvering, even in the most awkward and hard to reach places.

NO 3: Strongest suction at the cleaner head

Most vacuums have a setting you need to manually adjust to clean different floor types. The Dyson DC65 Animal vacuum has an active base plate which causes it to self-adjust to suit for every floor type.

Unlike other vacuums, this model of Dyson has been created in a way to reduce air leaks and save suction power.

Dyson DC65 at Discount Price on Amazon

NO 4: Reconfigured Brush Bar

The bristles of the brush has been made shorter and stiffer to allow enhance carpet cleaning and clean hard floors without causing any scratches.

NO 5: Safe and easy emptying

With a press of a button, you can easily empty all the dust and dirt particles directly into the bin without worrying about any of it escaping into the air.

Dyson proudly boasts of the fact they were the first to come up with clear bins which makes it easier to see how much dirt is inside and when it needs to be emptied.

NO 6: Tangle free turbine tool

This tool uses counter rotating heads with brushes to get rid of the hair and dirt from your carpet so there is no way it will tangle. Loose hair will not get picked up and dragged around like some other vacuums do, this one will pick it up and push it right into the bin.

NO 7: Soft dusting brush: Makes it super easy to clean flat surfaces and other hard to clean areas. It’s made out of 45 degrees angled nylon bristles that are wider at the front. It also has a felt strip in the middle to protect it from scratching the surfaces.

What are the customers saying about Dyson DC65 Animal Complete?

Over 120 customers have left a review for this vacuum on Amazon. It has received at least 90% positive feedback and 4-5* ratings from customers.

Here’s a few of their interesting feedback:

“The amount of cat hair this thing picks up is amazing! The dirt coming out of the carpet is unbelievable.”

“This puppy did a great job on the carpet. Before using it we could run our fingers over a few square inches of carpeting and come up with a real hair ball. Now, nada."

Read customer reviews and buying info on Amazon.

What you get in the box:

  1. DC65 Animal Multi floor vacuum
  2. Stair tool
  3. Combination accessory tool
  4. Tangle-free Turbine tool
  5. Multi-angle brush
  6. Stiff bristle brush
  7. Zorb
  8. Product registration card
  9. 5-year warranty
  10. Operating manual
  11. Quickstart guide
  12. Tool storage bag

What do you like about the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete vacuum?

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