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Dyson Air Multiplier

Updated on January 30, 2016

Its NOT a fan! Its a Dyson Air Multiplier!

Welcome to my hub on the Dyson "fans", This is my second hub relating to Dyson. I am a huge admirer of its founder Sir James Dyson and the innovative yet beautify designed products his company produces.

If you have not already, take a look at my first hub: "The Dyson Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners"

In my first hub i shared the story of how James Dyson built his company and the technology behind its first product The Dyson Dual Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner. And since then Dyson has branched out into other products. Including one of the most boring home appliance around "The fan" and made it Cool again! Literally!

You have all seen them before, The Dyson fans, they have been on the market for about a about 2 years now, I first noticed them at a few product design awards and exhibitions. But still not a lot of people know much about the beside that they are pricey. but here is where all the value comes from.

First: lets clear up a few things, Its Not a Fan! Its a Dyson Air Multiplier! as Sir James Dyson calls it himself. And by the end of this hub hopefully you will know why its not a fan. First, it has no blades! And yes it for real and work better then a regular fan. Its design is bases on another Dyson product, The Dyson hand dryer and use there patented AirBlade Technology.

In 2010, it also received the Good Design Award from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO)

So how does it work?

First you notice that the Air Multiplier looks quite difference from a fan, besides having no blades and a grill, the motor and electric components are housed at the base increasing over all stability. And what traditionally were where the blades would be, is instead a "Circular jet wing".

The Air Multiplier works by drawing the air from its base and takes the air through a series of points of negative pressure. The concept of negative pressure works like a air plane wing giving it lift. This negative pressure magnifies and accelerates the air. The air finally exits as a cylinder of air passing through the circular jet wings. At this point through an effect called Viscous shearing the circular jet wing draws more air from the surrounding blowing it in a unidirectional manner. There by increasing the amount of air going out then what come in.

Better let its inventor explain it again.

Air Multipliers are available in Table, Pedestal and Tower versions

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan, 10 Inches, Blue
Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan, 10 Inches, Blue

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan is a bladeless desk fan that uses Air Multiplier™ technology to generate smooth, uninterrupted airflow with no unpleasant buffeting.


Benefits & Features

The Air Multiplier has all that you expect from a regular fan, it pivots, it tilts however additional advantages include

  • Safety: With NO blades and a grill means its safe around children
  • Easy to Clean: No moving parts to clean
  • Hygienic for allergy suffers: It has the advantage over fan that, With no blades there is no places for dust to collect and you are not push dust around the room, Great if you have allergies.
  • Better Feeling & comfort: In a fan with blades, air is chopped up creating turbulence and feels uncomfortable when directed towards you, but with the Air Multiplier, its a smooth continuous stream of air.
  • Increase stability: Since all the motor components located at the bases, it has a lower centre of gravity making it more stable, easily pushed over by children.
  • Adjustable power switch: The Dyson technology multiples the air coming in by 15-18 times.
  • Low energy consumption: The Dyson Air Multiplier Technology allows the Air Multiplier to uses less electricity compared with regular fan.
  • Light weight construction: With less moving parts compared with a regular fan, the overall weight has been reduced.

Dyson AM02 tower fan, Silver
Dyson AM02 tower fan, Silver

Dyson AM02 White/Silver is a bladeless tower fan that uses Air Multiplier™ technology to generate smooth, uninterrupted airflow with no unpleasant buffeting.



As with all Dyson products they are durable, designed well and the Air Multiplier even prevents building sickness Syndrome. One of the biggest draw back is the premium price, however as this hub has illustrated there is lots of value and benefits in a Air Multiplier compared with a regular fan. Dyson has found a unique and elegant solution to an old problem. But if your are still not convinced, just by the shear beauty of the Air Multiplier's design and engineering you can always use it as a artistic center piece and a talking piece when guests come over. Why not!, museum's around the world are displaying Dyson vacuum cleaners. The only decision left, is what type decor and colour scheme your room should be to match. Not just a fan after all, Bring on all the funky colors James!

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    • Newbie2011 profile image

      Al 6 years ago from Australia, Hong Kong, USA

      @TyGatti LM: I had the same experience with our Dyson Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner!

    • TyGatti LM profile image

      TyGatti LM 6 years ago

      The Dyson Air Multiplier is an extremely awesome product! I got a cheap'o air multiplier when they first came out, a friend had a Dyson and after seeing the difference I stopped using mine and purchased a Dyson. They are well worth it!