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Spring Time in the Garden

Updated on February 7, 2015

Spring Time Is the Time to Plant

Everyone thinks about planting flowers during the spring. But I suggest to you, plant flowering shrubs that will last many years. They will reward you year after year with their beautiful greenery and lovely flowers.

Some of the shrubs I love are shown below. I particularly love sage and rosemary to keep close to the house. I cut Rosemary all year long to add to dishes, both cold and hot.

We are blessed with orange trees around us and their blossoms and scents fill the Spring air with a gift made only in heaven. So Spring is the time to plant and remember the beauty of nature as it comes into its own, every Spring with its promise of renewal.

Fothergilla major

A Form of Chinese Redbud

Asparagus Ferns

Asparagus Fern
Asparagus Fern

I also love using ferns both potted on the porches and as a thick ground cover.

Above is a picture of ferns that we are using to create a sun wall to protect a Western bedroom on the front of the house. Next summer the ferns will create a solid sun block In the spring, these ferns produce a small white flower that is no only pleasant to view, but the humming birds love. This past year we had nearly three dozen hummers that hung around to be fed through out the year. I love it when you can use nature to provide beauty close up to your living space.

This fern grows in a;ll sorts of lighting, indoors or out. This is the perfect plant if you do not have a green thumb but want to look as if you do, try these. You will be absolutely delighted! They will continue to grow through the year. If you have a heavy winter, they still work well. If in the spring they look as if all the branches are dead, just cut them back, give them a good fern fertilizer, lots of water and sit back and watch them grow. I really like these ferns!

Beauty Plants to Add

Amazon is a great place to shop - even for living plants.

Orange Flowering Shrub

The renewing of the life as evidence by the flowers is rewarding and uplifting, but it is the continued growth that I love. You can see the brushes growth each year as they fill out and cover a wall or a bare spot that you could not bear to look at anymore. Just the fact of continuing life is beautiful.


Being able to pick fresh Rosemary from your garden is a blessing. The little purple flowers that bloom multiple times a year just adds to the loveliness of blooming spice.

I use Rosemary to season pork or chicken. I flavor oil with cuts of Rosemary. You will definitely enjoy having Rosemary in your garden or in pots on your porch.

If you are depressed or have a headache, run your fingertips over some of your potted Rosemary and then touch the tip of your nose. The fragrance will refresh your soul and lighten the depression. Before you can say 'Jimmy Cricket" your headache is gone. Be sure to drink a big glass of water to flush out the poisons that caused the problem in the first place.

Renewing the Spirit

This is one reason why we look forward to the renewal of life every Spring. Easter reminds us of the forgiveness of sin but more importantly, the renewing of life and the joy that is within. Grace is a gift and cannot be earned.


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