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Easy to Use Lightweight Rolling Lawn Cart

Updated on January 10, 2015

This Suncast Rolling lawn cart is one of the best investments I ever made. I love it. It's lightweight, easy to use, easy to manouever and perfect for hauling anything outside or inside the house. If you do container gardening, you'll love this rolling cart. Here are some of the ways I use this handy garden tool: 

  • Hauling bags of leaves from the backyard to the front for pick-up
  • Transporting large plants from the car to the back patio for easy planting
  • Moving container plants around the yard as the seasons turn
  • Bringing in container plants when frost or icy weather threaten
  • Moving large bags of dirt from one place to another when planting
  • Helping with yard clean-up after storms
  • General yard clean-up

More ways to use the cart inside the house:

  • Moving large amounts of books from one room to another when redoing bookshelves
  • Transporting heavy 50 lb bags of dog food from the car to the patio dog food storage area
  • Hauling large bags of groceries from the car to the kitchen
  • Moving heavy items from one room to another 
  • Moving a bunch of items from one room to another to save on trips

I could go on but that should be enough to give you an idea of exactly how helpful this cart can be. If you have difficulty, like I do, carrying large, heavy items, or, if like me, you have back and neck problems and shouldn't even be lifting things, let alone carrying them from one room to another, this cart will become your perfect house and garden helper -- and like me, you'll find more and more uses once you own one.    


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