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Have You Switched to an Electric Knife?

Updated on April 8, 2013

Those ordinary knives that we normally use at home have become quite unpopular now, this is due to the effort they require and also the delays and difficulties they cause. Most people if not all, would love to have simple solution when cutting their roasted turkeys, bacon, beef steaks.

No body wants to spend hours when trying to maneuver and old style kitchen knives to carve the best pieces particular during Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is a solution for this problem and it's known as the electric knife. An electric knife is fast and make thing much easier.

An electric knife uses electrical power instead of relying on muscle power to operate. Just plug it into an electrical outlet and with a push of the button, the knife is ready to be used. The basic working of this knife is very simple. It has a small built-in motor that generates vibration. When turn on, the motor will cause the knife's serrated edge to vibrate at a certain speedy and thus, facilitating cutting and slicing of food items, particular those that are hard to carve up like meats.

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Most of the models sold in the market come with a standard vibration and speed that are useful to cut meats and breads.

For some premium models, the speed of the vibration and its intensity can actually be controlled by a regulator that attached to the unit. This function is particular useful when cutting different texture of meat and food items.

When using an electric knife, you can rest assured that you won't need to apply any extra force. All you need to do is just simply identify where you want to apply the cut on the meat. Switch on the the electric knife and place it on the place where you want it to cut.

Apply a little pressure and you will notice that the meat, the bread or any kind of food items would have started cutting off. Best of all, you can carve perfect shapes of steaks and roasts with ease, even tough you aren't a pro in this particular area.

There are actually two different types of electric knife; a) the one come with battery powered systems and b) uses direct electrical connections as shown in the photo above (Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife).

Actually, there are not much difference between the both types. It all depends on the quality of the product and so you can expect they can do their jobs well.

However, some people might prefer battery powered unit as it is handier and allow for both indoors and outdoors use, without having to worry about electrical connections.

On the other hand, the are some who prefer the one that uses direct electrical connections. This is particular true if the electrical knife will often stay in the home and that it will never run out of battery.

Besides, electric knife that uses direct electrical connection also often used in restaurant where the volume of serving is great and that the chef need to to thing fast without having to monitor the battery life.

Cuisinart Electric Knife (CEK-40) Demo Video

How to Choose An Electric Knife

  1. Firstly, you should get a electric knife that has the ability to house two sets of blades. Different food items might require different blade for cutting. For example, carving blade for cutting meat items while the other (normally a bread blade) for cutting bread. With this, you don't have to buy two different knives for serving different purposes.
  2. The second thing that you would have to consider is to getting the one with cord or without cord. If you opt for the one with cord, make sure that the length of the power cable is long enough to reach all parts of the kitchen, particular the table. A cordless electric knife would not have this issue.
  3. Ensure that the power of the motor should be about 100 watts or higher and the motor should be able to generate a large amount of torque. This is essential so that it can cut through extremely solid meat and vegetables. Lack of this would make the cutting job hard.
  4. If opting for a battery powered electric knife, make sure that the operating time of the batteries are enough to be able to completely carve through food items like turkey and steak. Mind you, motor powered item drain the batteries quite fast especially carving through solid items.
  5. Consider also the noise that the electric knife produce when operated. Cuisinart electric knife has known to produce low level of noise and consistency in terms of cutting. A grease protector (most quality knives come with this) is also preferred as it can avoid slipping during handling. Some other feature that you might want to look at is the auto shutoff function, where it will turn itself off when not used.


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