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Electric Warming Blankets

Updated on July 25, 2017

Best Heated Blankets, Throws, Sleeping Bags, Shawls and Mittens

I don't know about you, but I don't like climbing into a cold bed in the middle of winter. Electric warming blankets have been a solution for me.

Back when I was a child I remember visiting my grandparents house in upstate New York. There weren't any electric heated rooms, but only a grate in the floor of their upstairs bedroom that allowed a bit of heat to come up from the potbelly stove. We would literally run to the rest room or guest bedrooms which had no heat, and quickly slip back under the piles of covers.

When I got married I ask my husband to promise me that I wouldn't be cold in our house. Even though the heat may not always be just right, I have always been blessed with wonderful electric heated blankets. There are many companies that make electric blankets, but I have only selected those in which their products are trustworthy. Take a look at these fine electric heated warming blankets.

Photographs by Amazon.

Copyrighted Material by Favored1. Do not copy. Photo credit by Favored1 or Amazon unless otherwise noted. This artwork is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Poll: Are you an electric blanket fan like I am?

Do you use (or have you ever used) electric heated warming blankets?

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Heatek Heated Sleeping Bag
Heatek Heated Sleeping Bag
Automatic temperature control for up to eight hours. Operates on 12-volt, 9-Ah rechargeable battery (included). Comes with AC/DC rechargeable adaptor unit. Although it has a durable waterproof shell, it is not machine washable. Measures 36 by 90 inches.

Heated Sleeping Bag - Yes, you read it right!

When I was doing my research my husband just joked around and asked me if there was an electric sleeping bag. So I did a search and to my surprise there was one. This would have come in handy in my camping days.

I have not been able to use this item, but felt it could be useful to someone, so I included it in my review.

When I was a child we used to do a lot of camping, and I can't tell you how useful this sleeping bag would have been to me. What a great way to get a good night's rest on a cold night while trekking through the trails.

How safe is your blanket? - Is it time for a new one? Watch this and see.

I know that I have used blankets when they weren't as safe as they should have been. The blanket I had was soft and comfortable, and I didn't want to part with it.

Finally, I realized my health was more important, and bought a new electric heated warming blanket. Listen to what experts have to say about the blankets we just have to have.

After you have watched the short video, answer the question below and see how much you learned about electric blanket safety.

If video isn't working, click on the You Tube sign to view

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

How much do you know about the safety of electric blankets?

Take the polls and find out the answers below.

You might be surprised at some of the answers.

What did you learn about electric warming blankets? Can you recognize a safe blanket?

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A Few More Safety Questions

view quiz statistics

How did you do on the quiz?

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World's Safest Electric Warming Blanket - You can turn down your thermostat and save money by buying a low voltage Electric Heated Warming Blanket. Read and see

See below for blankets.
See below for blankets.

World's Safest Heating Blankets

Soft Heat Blankets are considered to be the World's Safest Heated Blankets on the market today. The Wall Street Journal reported that Soft Heat Products were a Best Value in January, 2006 and they keep improving their product. That's something we like to hear. The Safe-n-Warm technology converts 120 volts AC into less than 14 - 18 volts DC.

I don't really understand what that means, except that iit is good and safe for my entire family. They are the first and only Heated Blanket in the US to be UL Listed as safe using less than 25 volts of electricity.

The Safe-n-Warm System along with the Ultra Soft Micro Wires, provide even warmth throughout the blanket without any Cold or Hot Spots. This is something that I really like, because I have had less expensive electric heated warming blankets that are really hot in one spot, while leaving other parts of the blanket ice cold.

Ultra Plush and Lightweight

Soft Heat Blankets are made of Ultra Plush and Lightweight Polyester and Micro Wires, which means that the Micro Wires are woven throughout the blanket to provide even heating. They are so thin that they are virtually undetectable.

The blankets can even be cleaned in a washing machine and tumbled dry without any loss of shape or shrinkage. That is something else that I've experienced. You couldn't wash them or put them in the dryer without harming the elements, and this blanket comes with five year warranty to boot. Pretty good.

Look below for more details and ordering.

Are you worried about safety when it comes to electric blankets?

Well, don't be.

Soft Heat Warming Blankets

are the safest in the world.

Soft Heat Warming Blanket - Best & Safest Blankets. UL Listed to assure safe operation

Another feature I like with the blanket is that Soft Heating Warming Blankets come in all sizes and colors. That means I can use them in any room or with any d├ęcor. Other features include: Exclusive low voltage technology for overall even warmth. It has an auto pre-heat setting I like so I can warm it up before I get into bed, plus it has a ten hour automatic shut-off for safety.

No harmful electromagnetic radiation. The controller cord and power cord lengths are 6ft each, and the connector cord is approximately 10ft. It is not recommended for use with an electric adjustable bed, water bed or blowup air beds (but Sleep Number beds are OK).

Top Brand Electric Blankets

Sunbeam Royal Dreams Quilted Fleece Heated Electric Blanket
Sunbeam Royal Dreams Quilted Fleece Heated Electric Blanket
Save up to 10% a year on your heating bills by turning on your heated blanket and setting your thermostat back by 10%-15% for 8 hours while sleeping. Lighted controller with multiple heat settings to provide personalized comfort; Controller type may vary. Quilted Fleece: Soft and plush comfortable fabric; Made from 100 percent Polyester. Includes 5 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty from Sunbeam.

Sunbeam Electric Blankets - America's #1 Electric Heated Blankets!

I have used Sunbeam Electric Heated Blankets for years, and would recommend them based on my own experience. These warming blankets are so handy and can be used just about anywhere. They are perfect for trips. I bring one with me when we travel and use it in the hotel.

Another thing I like is that they are also perfect to use during seasonal changes when you need the air conditioning in the day, but it's a little chilly at night.

Sunbeam throw or full electric blankets come several colors and sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and King by clicking on any of the product photographs. Not all come with duel controls so you need to look at the specification details carefully.

Warming Lap Blankets

New-Electric blanket with sleeves - ION-COZ-e
New-Electric blanket with sleeves - ION-COZ-e
My husband bought me this blanket with sleeves before it had this heating option. It is very soft and comfortable. Look for the kids sizes that come with matching footies as well.

Warming Blanket for Any Time

Having a single person warming blanket is something I wouldn't be without. I use mine on my bed and at times sitting in the living room while watching television.

The thing I like about it most is using it for traveling. I simply slip it into my suitcase with the wires tucked inside and it's ready for wherever I want to use it. Hotel rooms can be cold at times. I lay my electric blanket out on the bed, plug it into any outlet and you have a warm cozy bed just like home.

Snuggle & Cozy Electric Blankets - LOOK for the FREE Shipping on selected throws.

Read a book, talk on the phone, watch tv or work on your computer and stay warm. These blankets are specifically made for you to enjoy on the sofa or just relaxing in your easy chair.

Fleece Soft Heat Low Voltage Electric Throw Blanket
Fleece Soft Heat Low Voltage Electric Throw Blanket
From the World's safest electric blanket company. ORDER NOW AND RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING ON THIS THROW! The ultra-thin wires inside are almost impossible to feel. The outside is made of soft non-pilling Microfleece that is easy to care for and completely machine washable and dryable with no shrinkage. Safety features:automatic over-temperature regulation in case it ever becomes bunched up. The infinitely variable control features: an easy-to-grasp-and-turn knob, a simple easy-to-push ON/OFF switch, no clicking noises, giant brightly lit controller numbers that automatically dim in a dark room and worry-free auto-off which turns itself off after 10 hours in case you forget. UL listed and individually tested for safety. Sized at 45" X 60". Five year manufacturer's guarantee.

Heated Blankets for the Car

Automobile Electric Blankets - Why sit in a cold car?

I love these products. One of the biggest problems in traveling is that I need to have the heat up, and my husband likes it cool. So we crank the heat up and he rolls down his window. Not a good solution. That is until we discovered the automobile electric warming blanket.

However, be sure to read customer reviews. Make sure you do not leave blanket on while the car is not running, because it will drain your battery.

Cozy Car Heated Travel Blanket Video

Poll: Blankets for Vehicles

Have you ever used an electric heated warming blanket in your vehicle?

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Trillium Car Cozy 2 Heated Travel Blanket

Car Cozy TWI-1001N 2 - 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket (Navy, 58" x 42") with Patented Safety Timer by Trillium Worldwide
Car Cozy TWI-1001N 2 - 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket (Navy, 58" x 42") with Patented Safety Timer by Trillium Worldwide
Great to give as a gift. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend, a college grad, a parent or someone who travels more than usual.

Heated Fleece Travel Electric Blanket - This blanket has received good reviews and that's why I felt it needed more attention.

Don't look forward to those trips to the doctor, grocery store, scenic drives, holiday shopping and other outings on a chilly day?

No longer a problem with the aid of this Cozy Car 2 Heated Blanket.

If you tend to get cold easily or the heat in the car is not quite enough, this blanket offers warmth before you even plug it in! It has 2 layers of super-soft polyester fleece that capture and hold your body heat.

But what if you do need more heat?

Connect the adapter to a 12 volt lighter outlet in your car, boat, camper or RV. The blanket will heat fully in about 10 minutes, and is designed so the warmth is distributed evenly with no 'cold spots'.

What if you want to use the blanket in the back of the car? If you don't have a 12V lighter outlet in the back, the 6' 3" power cord is generally long enough to use the blanket in the back seat. At about 4' 6" wide, the blanket is big enough to be shared, perfect for use on bench seats! When you like it toasty warm but others like a cooler ride, keep everyone happy with this 12V electric blanket for the car.

Ever Have Those Heated Car Wars?

Duel Control Electric Blanket

Eurow Automotive Electric Blanket with Variable Controller Timer
Eurow Automotive Electric Blanket with Variable Controller Timer
Having your own war games in the car fighting over the heat? The Dual Thermostatic Timer may be set for 30 or 60 minutes for automatic shutoff. All the internal wiring is silicon coated for durability and safety. The remote includes special color coded LED lights to display power and timer. Stop the war and give this gift item. Only comes in navy blue.

Car Wars

I don't know about you, but the temperature in the car never seems to be perfect. What I mean is this. If I'm cold hubby is always warmer than I am.

The problem is that if he has to turn up the heat for me, he also has to roll down the window for him. Ugh! What a combination.

Having a blanket that has a duel control setting just like you would at home is perfect. If we ever needed both settings, we would have them.

This handy electric blanket saves me packing extra coats and linens, because it serves my need. No more car wars over heating!

Heated Car Blanket – 12-Volt Electric Blanket for Car, Truck, SUV, or RV – Portable Heated Throw for Car or Camping Essentials by Stalwart (Navy Blue)
Heated Car Blanket – 12-Volt Electric Blanket for Car, Truck, SUV, or RV – Portable Heated Throw for Car or Camping Essentials by Stalwart (Navy Blue)
Keeping warm in and out of your vehicle just got a lot easier. The electric car blanket allows you or your passengers extra warmth. Stitched from 100 percent polyester fleece, this large electric blanket is comfortable, functional and safe. And its 8 feet long cord means you can extend its range well beyond the back seat. The electric car blanket is gentle on your car's battery and safe for extended use. Size, 42-Inch by 58-Inch, large enough to stretch across two front seats or cover an entire back row of most cars, trucks and SUVs.


Tell me what you think.

Do you think using an electric blanket is safe on a motorcycle? Here are a few points of view on this idea:

Sure, why not.

Emrah 2 years ago I love those too. I actually inedetnd to go to the Eiffel Tower to take some "extraordinary" shots, but it was pouring (rain!) by the time I left. So, I took these just in our neighborhood...

SecondHandJoe LM 5 years ago Not if another biker see you with it!! lol


anonymous 5 years ago No, that would not be safe.

rravi123 5 years ago I think we can use ordinary blanket

leeleon 5 years ago Hard to supply electricity for electric blanket to function.

So what do you think?

Is it safe to use an electric blanket on a motor cycle?

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Heated Items for Work

Poll: Are you cold at work?

Do you get cold at your place of work?

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USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket - When I saw this I told my husband I had to have one.

Buy here at Amazon
Buy here at Amazon

We've Got You Covered

Is your office cold in the morning? Or worse, all day long? Are you tired of having to wear your coat and gloves while you work because the room just isn't warm enough for you to take them off? Seriously, the USB Heated Shawl is your answer.

No matter where I seem to be working I get cold, especially my hands and feet. A portable heater can take care of my lower limbs, but I still need something for my shoulders, arms and hands. What about you? Do you think this is the solution to your problem? It might be.

Just plug it into your USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and place it around your shoulders.You're already at the computer, you might as well stay warm. It even has a button to hold it in place around your shoulders while you work. It can also be draped over your legs to keep them warm. It is available on Amazon.

Well, if you've got the blanket, you might as well get the mittens.


USB Warmer Mitten Glove

If you are like me, your hands get cold even when you're inside working. I have cut the tips off a pair of gloves and keep them nearby when I get cold. These USB mittens are made to order for people like us. You have to work, so why not work warm?

Whether its the cold weather outside or the super office air conditioner that has you freezing your knuckles off, these USB gloves will get you warmed up quickly. Then just think, you'll be in top geek fashion and your fingers won't be left out in the cold!

Poll: Ok, it's time to fess up and come clean.

If you went by safety guidelines, do you need a new electric warming blanket?

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