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Energy Saving Home Repair Checklist

Updated on May 3, 2012

Conduct your own energy audit in your home or hire a professional to go through your house to check off the areas that need attention to complete a green remodeling job. Energy audits involve either you; or, a professional who inspects your home, making note of where you lose the most energy. Some home owners find that the point of their energy drain happens when air leaks through windows and doors. Others see the deficiency through problems with lights.

Do-It-Yourself Checklist

1. Put together a checklist to make conducting an energy audit on your home easier. Go through each room in your house and note items that you can switch to make your house greener.

2. Check for air leakage in each room. Places to look for leaking air include the areas around doors, windows, attacks and vents that you don't use. Make sure the fire damper in your home is closed. Inspect the insulation in your home for signs of energy leakage.

3. Insulation that's thin or brittle will need to be replaced in order for you to benefit from energy savings after your home remodeling is complete. Look for cracks on the floors in your home. Air can leak through, to the outside, even though its near the ground.

4. Go over the outside and through the attic of your home to check for problems with moisture. Excessive moisture can result in mold formation; a potentially serious problem as most people have some sort of negative reaction to it.

5. Inspect your water heater and your air conditioner because you can lose energy by running your AC too high. Extra water usage often occurs while you take a bath or leave the water on as you brush your teeth.

6. Find out where the problems are with your lights. You might find that your family tends to leave the lights on for too long. Install fluorescent light bulbs to save the amount of energy used in your home.

Professional Auditor

Hire a professional auditor if you're unsure of how to conduct an energy audit. Professional auditors use tools, such as blowers and thermal energy cameras, to locate where the energy seeps out of your home from.


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    • Geoff Morova profile image

      Geoff Morova 6 years ago from South Dakota

      Voted useful. Saving money by having an energy efficient home is great. Thanks for the checklist.