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Expert Drywall Repair

Updated on March 1, 2016

Drywall Repair Around Gothic Doors

I was hired by my General contractor to perform major repairs at a home he was building, this was located in Cleremont Florida. The extreme part of these repairs; were the Gothic door frames, that were removed from an old church, and retrofitted into these new openings. A superb cabinet maker hand made all the doors, to match the original frames. To avoid taking so much painstaking time, to custom fit drywall pieces, I installed yellow fiberglass tape which is sold in 2'' widths, to allow for better coverage. After masking off the header of each door on both sides, I then mixed up some 20 min set patching powder compound, this product is a Easy Sand joint compound brand. I first applied a thin coat and let dry, then a second thin coat, after drying I applied a third and final coat. I then used a 150 grit sandpaper to finish the repair.

There were 7 of these doors that were done just like this side, as the image shows, this particular part of the overall job took approx 2 weeks to complete,there were several other repairs throughout the house. One picture shows a bathroom sink where new plumbing was installed. In the wall above the sink, describing what it looked like before it was repaired, there was actually one piece of drywall cut out and I reinstalled it, finished around the faucets. In the kitchen at the ceiling above the open doorway, was a stress crack about 14 inches long, I applied 3 layers of fiberglass tape, one on top of the other, applied three coats of compound and finished with sanding. Another bathroom, above sink light fixture, had a small hole showing, no problem, just one layer of fiberglass tape, three coats of compound then finish,( note whenever I mention these three procedures it is applied in all my repair applications ) another bathroom had a barn type door, the type that slides open, it was retrofitted into the opening as well, and needed repair above it, next the garage entrance door was showing a 3 inch gap above the door frame, and the length of the opening, someone had cut too much out of the opening before door was installed, again using same procedure,I repaired it.

Now moving on, I begin to work on an interior wall adjacent to garage. This area had water damage, from an A/C drain line installed inside the wall. I was told that the leak was repaired. It wasn't repaired properly, because whenever I cut into the wall water started to leak down it. The owners wife was there, she went ballistic. She called the contractor he called the installer, we all met up later in the bedroom with the leak, of course the installer was blaming the issue on structure settlement. However, he did repair it, later after the area dried, I repaired the drywall.

Repairing Others mistakes

After repairing some issues with a new stairwell drywall damage, I moved up to the game room. There I Repaired another doorway, and some misc holes throughout the room. Thinking I was finished, the owner called me into the stairwell foyer. He asked me to look up at the ceiling, I replied that looks horrible!The drywall finishing crew had not correctly finished the vaulted ceiling. There are four seam lines one at each corner of the room, starting at the top of the wall each extending upwards to meet the others to form a "vault affect" these seam lines were approx 14 feet long. (big Living room) The lines were waved out (not Straight) the owner hated this, and hired me separately to fix this major eyesore, keep in mind he already paid for the crew to do this, and it wasn't right, so this took me another 4 days to complete.


Below this image is the final stage of repair. I applied spray texture, using a spray texture hopper gun, attached to a air compressor to force compound through the hopper, it has a texture dial for 7 different spray patterns. This is a Marshalltown sharpshooter sprayer,I used the smallest setting to apply a fine texture to perfectly match the exsisting wall texture.

I was hired to perform a full bump-out. ( in construction there are specialty punch out trades) Mainly for the doors, because of my expertise. This is the difference between a drywall finisher, and a drywall repairman. I happen to be both. In conclusion the owner settled with me as an extra payment, for me to do this task correctly, knowing he had already paid for someone else to finish it. Sometimes money is no object when it comes to perfection. He chose not to pursue the contractor for this bad mistake. So our hero contractor in the beginning was looking good, but listening to the owners complain almost daily, about different things that were wrong, and the extra costs incurred, that they paid out to him, over the course of the long drawled out building procedure. Our hero quickly became a thorn in the side. As for me, I delivered my services to them with kindness, understanding, in a timely manner, and performed above their expectations, to remedy, and soothe over someone Else's bad demeanor.


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