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Extending Dining Table - Save Space in Your Kitchen

Updated on April 13, 2010

When you buy a new furniture the firs thing you do is measuring the available space. After you are aware of the dimensions your new piece should fit into, you make up your mind about design, color, material and of course the price you accept as reasonable.

There are many pieces of furniture that will take a well defined space in your kitchen or living room, the extending dining table, however is a good example for the exact opposite. All you have to know before picking one is the size of the table when retracted and when extended, and you don't even have to make it with in your kitchen at both states. 

An extending table is a good fit for any small kitchen, the size will be perfect for every day use, even the whole family can take a seat at regular occasions and it doesn't take up all the space in the kitchen unnecessarily. Whenever you need to have more table size, during a dinner party or having the kids over for a birthday cake, you will make a good use of it.

Not all dining tables are the same size, this goes without saying, you can have ones that fold in half, or a nice oak table that extends in both directions, the size you need is absolutely up to personal taste, and requirements of course. These tables are extremely practical in all senses, they're small when you need them be, and large enough whenever you need to welcome more guests than you expected.

There are many materials used in manufacturing these tables but hard woods are the most popular choice. Choosing teak or oak over plastic pushes the pen a bit harder but you will get a piece of furnishing that will make a good companion to any kitchen. If you choose a more durable mango wood or oak variation you can be sure that it will stay safe from small scratches and dents.

A good way to protect a table is a plastic table cloth. There is no need to protect the surface at all times, but the above mentioned kids' party is definitely a good occasion to do so.

Extending dining tables give a great way to save space in the kitchen by taking up less space in every day use and giving bigger surface when there is an occasion for it. When you set out for buying one, make sure you've educated yourself properly about the matter, there are many variations and it's easy to get lost in them, take a look online, read up on the different solutions and choose accordingly, it definitely saves time and money in the local shop later.


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