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Where to Buy Faerie Glen Faerie Cats

Updated on September 24, 2014

Collecting Faery Glen Faerie Cats and other Fairy Cats

Have you heard of faerie Glen Faerie Cats? I collect them - or at least, my human mum does. Amongst our vast collection of cat figurines, cats of all descriptions, there are a few winged cats. Thankfully, my mum is totally cat mad and one of the joys of Christmouse is adding to her cat collection. Who knew I of all purr-sons would one day be telling you about where to find Faery Glen cats? Here I am in my box getting ready to tell you!

Where does she you get these cats and how did she come to like fairy cats in particular? Well, one day she was given an angel cat figurine and that started her thinking about faery cats - she loves to look at them and collect them. All I can say is thank Heaven these are only statues.

The intro image is my own, to see more of Max and his friends please visit Persimew on Zazzle!

Faerie Glen - Darby - FGC6858 - Fairy Cat
Faerie Glen - Darby - FGC6858 - Fairy Cat

Darby has that mischievous glint in his eye that tells me he will be a trouble maker when the lights are out!


A sweet Collection of Faerie Glen Faerie Cats - Winged Cat Figurines are so sweet (says Mum!)

Here are some of the most popular kitties from Munro. They all have a wicked purr-sonality, but are totally loveable once you get to know them better!

Black Faerie Kitty Cat Card

Faerie Glen - Blossom - FGC6863 - Fairy Cat
Faerie Glen - Blossom - FGC6863 - Fairy Cat

An adorable white kitty, she sniffs the flowers - that is why she is called Blossom of course.


Sakura Faerie Cat Notecard - A pretty white kitty with wings!

faerie cat
faerie cat

Anthony the Angel Cat

Winged Cat Statue

I am the cat statue that started all this. My job is to guard the cat sanctuary in mummy's house (if truth be told, the cat sanctuary IS mummy's house, as any visitor will tell you, but less said about that the better for now). I am proud to sit among the crystal cats and to be here among the Faerie Glen Cats too. If you click on me, you will be taken to play with Maukie the Guard Cat on mummy's website....

Faerie Glen Fairy Cat Harmony
Faerie Glen Fairy Cat Harmony

Orange Fairy Cat Harmony is full of mischief, like all orange kitties, or marmalade cats as my mum calls them!


Fairy Cats on eBay - Winged Cat Collectibles

Ebay is a great place for discontinued winged cat figurines of all sorts. Here are a few pretty ones for you to enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Faerie Cats in their Grotto. I wish there were more to show you too! I hope you enjoyed your stay. Would you please take time to sign our Guestbook? Thank you from the cats!


Did you enjoy the Faerie Glen Faerie Cats? - Which is your favorite Fairy Cat?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      These Faerie Glen cats are really adorable! I had not heard of them before.