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Fall Decorating Ideas For Kids

Updated on October 3, 2012

Fall Decorating Ideas For The Kids and The Whole Family To Get Involved!

Autumn is here! Does your kids get excited over autumn? They may want to get involved with some fall decorating ideas at home so why not allow them to join in the fun! Nothing beats a whole family doing something together.

Get them to decorate their rooms, the hall, the front foors, the porch patio, kitchen, the outside surroundings of the house. These ideas here are not too difficult for them to do.

I have compiled a list of ideas that may inspire their creativity including a variety of DIY challenges as well. These ideas also save you money as most of them can be done on your own!

Did Your Kids Help With Fall Decorations?

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Teach Your Kids to Make An Autumn Wreath

Make An Autumn Wreath

There are plenty of tutorials on how to make an autumn wreath on the Internet. Most of them are easy enough to do provided that you have the right materials and some good guidance for your kids to make them.

An example is the one that you see in the picture

For this project, you will need:

> A grapevine wreath / Twig Wreath

> Floral Wire

> Wire Cutters

> Glue Gun

> Scissors

> Floral picks

> Fall Berry Sprigs (3-4)

> Fake Flowers

> Autumn leaves or berry sprigs

Most of these items can be purchased at your local craft store. If you choose to collect them from nature itself, then by all means do it! You will still need to get the floral wires from a craft store though.


1) Buy or gather all the materials required for this project. Get your kids involved in this.

2) Use floral wires to secure your berries/flowers to the wreath while trying to hide it from view. This may take some practice.

3) If you want to use leaves instead, you should use a glue gun instead to secure them onto your wreath

4) Whether or not you are using flowers or berries or leaves, wedge them in between the wreath twigs to make it look more natural.

Check out the awesome video below to see how it is done!

Below are some materials that you can find on Amazon to make your Autumn Wreath with your kids!

Watch How to Make an Autumn Wreath

Decorate Your Mantel For Autumn

Kids Project

Teach Your Kids To Decorate Your Mantel For Autumn

Making your very fall decoration for your mantel at home. Decorating your mantel for autum does not have to be complicated. In fact, it is more of using the right materials to give that beautiful autumn feel in your mantel area. But what do you need.

> Berries

> Pumpkin

> Dried Leaves / Fake Autumn Leaves

> Rustic looking vase

> Candles + Candle Holders

> Photo frames

> Wreath

and many more other materials... just as long as they impart a nice autumn touch.

Sometimes you may need to bring your children to an antique store to get the right materials but if you are feeling frugal, get them to collect more fall products from nature

Now it is time to get your kids inspired to make their very own autumn mantel.

More Fall Mantel Materials

120 Artificial Fall Maple Leaves in a Mixture of Autumn Colors - Great Autumn Table Scatters for Fall Weddings & Autumn Parties
120 Artificial Fall Maple Leaves in a Mixture of Autumn Colors - Great Autumn Table Scatters for Fall Weddings & Autumn Parties
Fall maple leaves are one of the most used materials for autumn decorating. Buy them and start transforming your home!

Get Your kids To Collect Some Autumn Looking Leaves - Lots of Orange, Red and Yellow Ones

This is probably one of the easiest thing to do if your house is surrounded by trees that turn colours in the fall. Instead of doing it yourself, get your kids active and collect some nice shaped autumn leaves to decorate your home.

These leaves can be used for a whole lot of decorative ideas like:

1) Autumn Wreath

2) In Your Front Porch

3) Across the Windows

4) Autumn Mantel

5) Autumn Garland

Teaching your kids how to gather autumn leaves can be an invaluable lesson to help them do the next fall decorating project, the Fall Mantel!

Teach Your Kids How To Use Maple Leaves For Fall Decorating

Make Great Use Of Maple Leaves - Make Garlands Out Of It!

Maple leaves can be used for a whole bunch of fall decorating ideas. As mentioned earlier, you can use maple leaves to give a nice autumn feel for your mantel. You can also use it to make beautiful autumn wreaths that can be hung at the front door, at the mantel, on the walls, windows or anywhere in the house.

In this next tutorial, you can teach your kids how to make garlands out of maple leaves. This tutorial is very easy and is probably not as labour intensive as the previous two tutorials.

How To Make Garlands


> Artificial Maple Leaves

> Plaster

> Jute Twine

> Wax Paper

> Container

> Brush

Any of the above materials can be purchased in a craft store. I wouldn't advice using real maple leaves for this project as of yet.


1) Dip the maple leaves quickly into plaster. Ensure that both sides of the leaves are coated evenly.

2) Repeat this step on other leaves

3) Set the leaves on wax

4) Allow the maple leaves to dry

5) Measure about 2m of jute twine and then tie a leave on it.

6) Use some glue so that the jute twine stays on the leaves

7) Use the completed maple garlands on room décor, wall decor, table decor, wreaths and mantels!

The Finished Product!


Pumpkin Decoration and Carving Ideas For Kids

Pumpkin Carving Projects For Your Kids

Carving a pumpkin doesn't have to be very difficult. There are plenty of tutorials across the Internet like those on Martha Stewart and other craft sites. There are also plenty of ideas to learn from on Pinterest that you can find.

As I've discovered myself, pumpkin carving isn't that difficult. There are many ways to carve out shapes out of a pumpkin. You can use a cookie cutter or a saw. You can also use a specialy knife like the X-acto knife to do the job. Just bring the kids for a shop around in craft shops and they can easily find the right tools

I'm going to teach you one method using cookie cutters.

You will need the following materials to do the job.

> Pumpkin

> Blade

> Cookie cutter with assorted shapes

> Candles

> Pliers

> hammer or rubber mallet


1) The first step you need to do is to make a hole on the top of your pumpkin to remove the seed and flesh

2) Use a hammer or a mallet to tap a cookie cutter shape of your choice into a pumpkin

3) Remove the cookie cutter using a plier

4) Using a knife or a blade, carve out the specific cookier cutter shape out of the pumpkin

5) Slowly remove the shape out of the pumpkin

6) Repeat these steps across the pumpkin and make more shapes and holes out of your pumpkin

7) When you are happy with what you've done, place a candle inside the pumpkin through one of the holes you've made and secure the candle with hot wax at the base.

Now all you got to do is decorate your house with it! Hang it or just place it on your mantel or shelf. Your kids will love this project!

Do you like these ideas? Do you have any more ideas to share? Share your thoughts!


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