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Faux Brick And Brick Veneer innovation - Antico Elements

Updated on August 1, 2013

Faux Brick And Brick Veneer Panels - Antico Elements

Only a few products get to be associated with the word "innovative". One of these products is the Incredible Faux Or Imitation Brick Veneer Panels At Antico Elements that is changing the way bricks are installed and used.

Take a look

When most people consider adding a brick look to a surface, an exterior or interior design, they picture a mason or brick layers installing them one by one with mortar or thin set. This is a process that has been used for a long time because until now there was no real alternative.

Some have tried painting walls to create a faux brick look. Although very artistic and possibly fun, this is not sustainable and applicable to a commercial or large scale home improvement project.

Made In USA Faux brick are incredibly realistic and they provide a huge saving. These are not savings that need to be amortized in the long run but immediate.

Installing panels of faux brick will:

Avoid hiring expensive contractors

Save money on the materials

Give you the ability to dictate the pace of your project

Avoid having to do surface preparation because they can be installed anywhere

Remove the need to build a footer to hold the weight of regular brick because these panels are light-weight.

Being a very affordable building material, is only one of the many advantages that are part of these panels.

How Easy To Install Is It?

We all know how difficult, painstaking and messy it can be when we use traditional brick. Whether it's full brick or thin brick veneer we still need to deal with mortars or thin set to get the installation done. Let's also not forget that the substrate needs to be able to support the weight. With the faux version of brick, which come in convenient and light-weight panels, all we need to do is use some tubes of adhesive and some screws. Done!

Does It look Real?

Some people have not seen a faux brick panels installed and assume that in order to create a realistic feel for the wall only real brick should be used. But once they see some past projects like these they quickly change their minds:

Once Installed, Can I Move The Panels?

Conventional brick and stones, once installed are pretty much suck there. You may be able to remove them but in most cases the process is messier than when they were installed and most likely they will get damaged.

With the faux version of brick, you if you think there will be the need to move the panels somewhere else in the future, all it needs to be done is install the panels with just screws.

Check out the Faux Brick Accessories

Another great thing about these Faux Brick is the ability to include accessories like the Corners:


In many cases homeowners use faux brick panels and need to cut them to make turn or simply end the brick look in the middle of a wall. All of these accessories are great for any scenario and really solve a lot of installation problems.

Faux Brick On Amazon From Antico Elements - Antico Elements Brick On Amazon

Antico Elements Brick On Amazon

Faux Brick Veneer Panels On Amazon - Imtation brick panels and brick veneer deals

You can find some great deals on faux brick panels, brick veneer and all kind of imitation brick products.

Most consumers are not aware of new, innovative products. When they find out and try them they usually tell us "wow, I wish I had found you earlier".

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