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How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent

Updated on July 16, 2014

The Right Real Estate Agent

How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent

So you have been pre-approved for your mortgage and are ready to start looking for that new home. You may be a first time buyer or seasoned home buyer. No matter your home buying experience the odds are you could use the help of an experienced real estate agent. As in all professions there different levels of experience and commitment to customer service in the real estate profession.

Real estate companies have learned long ago that real estate buyers and sellers value trust over experience and would rather deal with someone they know than someone they don't know. That is why the main focus of most companies is recruiting new agents. They know if they recruit your friend or relative to work for their firm you will probably deal with them when buying or selling your home.

This has been a successful approach for many companies as who ever recruits the most agents ends up attracting the most business thus increasing market share and increasing revenue. What this means is that there is a lot of turn over in the industry and many agents are new or inexperienced. Not that there is anything wrong with this as everyone in real estate basically starts the same way but what do you do if you don't have a friend or relative in the real estate business?

Don't be fooled by the different companies who downplay the importance of a real estate agent. Many have an interest in selling their own product or service and no interest in helping you with your real estate problems. You see the truth is real estate agents do not sell real estate. Real estate agents market real estate to find the right buyer and when that buyer is found the real estate sells itself. The agents primary function is negotiating price and terms satisfactory to the buyer and seller. Once those terms are committed to writing the agents then deal with all the problems and circumstances that arise during the condition dates to help arrive at a successful closing .

What are those problems and circumstances ?

I just sold a property to a long time customer (39 years) when we were doing the pre-closing inspection he said to me you must have seen some pile of real estate in your career. I thought for a minute and replied you know I have seen more circumstances. I remember the circumstances more than the real estate. Every real estate transaction is different in the problems and circumstances that arise. The normal MLS transaction involves 2 people buying, 2 people selling, 2 lawyers, 2 lawyers secretary, a lender, an underwriter, an insurer if high ratio, a building inspector, an appraiser, an insurance company for home owners insurance, maybe a septic and well expert, maybe a surveyor, perhaps friends,relatives, parents, or siblings of the buyers or sellers and of course two agents. Not to mention estate sales with heirs and executors or situations involving separation, divorce or loss of a loved one. Then those that involve trustee's in bankruptcy or foreclosure's and property managers. There can be up to 20 individuals involved in one transaction anyone of which can have a bad day or cause a problem or create a situation that someone has to resolve to everyone's satisfaction. In many cases it is the commonsense and experience of the agent or agents that makes that happen.

What does this mean to you as a home buyer ? In your home search quite often that good buy you find will be a good buy because of the circumstances of the seller. The buyer with the more experienced agent will definitely have a better chance of negotiating a successful sale and getting it closed. So how do you find that agent with the experience ? Today that is as simple as GOOGLING the local agents in your area. Check out their profiles and resumes on line. Try and find the most experienced and ask them to show you a home or have a meeting with them. Along with experience you want honesty, integrity and empathy. Empathy simply means they can put themselves in your place and care about doing a good job for you. After you meet them you will know who is sincre and who you want to deal with. If they are high pressure and pushy find someone else. Be fussy you deserve proper representation and it is available. This is one of life's most important purchases why would you not take the time to find the right agent.

Yours in real estate


How To Find The Right Real Estate Agent


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