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Make Pruning Easier with the The Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruner

Updated on November 2, 2015

The Fiskars Powergear Bypass Pruner Saves Your Hands and Makes Light work of Pruning

The Fiskars Powergear bypass pruner is one of those times where quality and action are worth paying for although they are not really that expensive when you consider the quality of the tool and what you get compared to the cheaper models.

I love garden tools that make your life easier and the job more efficient and faster that is a tool worth having. Power gears do that. These are one of my favorite brands as they combine quality with price. Not only that they are comfortable to use which is very important. I fell in love with this nifty little tool as soon as I picked it up.

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The Bypass Pruner Explained

A bypass pruner has a cutting action as opposed to the blades meeting they do what their name suggests the lower curved blade slip past each other when you close them this results in a much cleaner cut.

How Do they Rate for Comfort and Performance in One

Fiskars 7937 PowerGear Bypass Pruner makes cutting much easier as the powergear takes all the pressure off you. These nifty little pruners can cut up to 3/4" and sometimes more. They are lightweight yet remain powerful which makes holding them for any length of time much easier. If you have large current bushes for example you may be cutting for a while and unless you are a tough strong person this can be a bit wearing. These pruners help make it easier. No blistering or pain a gardeners paradise.


The Fiskars PowerGear Bypass Pruner for Easier Pruning

Fiskars 79366939 PowerGear Bypass Hand Pruner
Fiskars 79366939 PowerGear Bypass Hand Pruner

he Pruner with Handle Rolling Action

Unlike the usual scissor style action of other pruners that you have to curl your fingers around, the handle of these pruners rolls down the palm of your hand this means you fold your fingers at the knuckle. This makes it so much easier to prune especially if you are doing a lot of pruning when it puts less pressure on your hands meaning you can work longer without so much pain or strain. This makes them great for people who have trouble with their hands with arthritis for instance.

This is great if like me your hands are not very strong or quite small as it takes out the work while giving you the power you need to cut. This also makes it easier if you want to use your gardening gloves.

While this action is amazing and much better not everyone will love it as they will need to adapt from what they know and get used to the new movement. Those that are willing to make the leap love these pruners and I for one love anything that means my body is less likely to end up in pain!

They are also high quality well made pruners with strong and sharp steel cutters for long lasting durability and strength and they do not rust.


See Some Pruners in Action

This video shows you the difference between normal pruners and the power-gear ones and just how much easier they are to use and how powerful they are.

Other Options for Garden Pruners with Bypass Action

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