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What Are Your Most Annoying Pet Peeves?

Updated on October 14, 2014
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Time To Fix Those Pesky Little Pet Peeves That Annoy You!

Have you ever had a day where nothing seems to go right? You know you have! Usually the first thing that goes wrong in my day doesn't get to me too much. The second thing, I'm sensing a trend... When the third irritating thing happens, it's officially a "bad day!" That's when it's time to stop, think and turn my day around in the right direction. Usually it just takes a conscious mental effort to be positive about things, but some days are harder than others!

Most of the time the irritations are small scale. Let's see... I went to grab a salad plate the other day, and... there were none there. That's annoying! The solution? I need to buy more salad plates. Easy enough, but it's something I continually forget to do and it just goes on annoying me. Do you have things like that in your life? Little, nagging things that are too little to hit a major trigger until you just happen to be in front of the item, or the solution, somewhere.

Let's fix them, once and for all! I'm going to have some fun here trying to remember my top pet peeves. That's the whole trouble with them, we don't remember them until they happen! One of my pet peeves is solved, shown at left... BEFORE. My earrings hanging out unorganized. Gosh, that is annoying!

So come along, grab your tablet, phone, or a paper and pencil for that matter, and let's get to work! Start a list of the things you can think of right now. As you encounter a pet peeve, add it to the list. Once they're in front of you, it's usually pretty easy to come up with a solution to avoid them in the future!

What Do YOU Say?

What is YOUR Top Pet Peeve?

What Do You Say?

What Do You Do About Your Pet Peeves?

See results

"That Was So 20 Minutes Ago..."

Until it bothers you again, next time!

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"Don't Sweat The Small Stuff..."

IGNORE That Advice!

We are focusing ON the small stuff, that sweats you! So look deep... think about your daily routines, your hobbies, the things you work with every day. I bet you can come up with at least five pet peeves!

My Own Pet Peeves! (An Ever-Growing List)

  1. My biggest pet peeve was trying to keep track of all my earrings (one such mess pictured at top)! I make jewelry and have a lot of earrings that end up everywhere in little bowls, here and there, wherever I take them off.
  2. Forgetting birthdays of important people. I have them written down...somewhere. Some of them are on Facebook, so I get a few reminders... the rest just slip by. I'd like to remember and celebrate them!
  3. The catastrophe that is my work area. I'm a crochet designer so I'm always surrounded by crochet thread, yarn, etc... I also make jewelry so there is a little jewelry workspace on my desk. I barely keep track of where everything is. There has to be a better way to work!
  4. My messy, disorganized car! (Solved this one with a basket to keep all the miscellaneous crapola in, tucked into the back hatch, pretty simple!)
  5. Scissors. Always disappearing, never there when or where I need them.
  6. Dead pine needles, which litter my yard each Fal and end up being tracked into my house when they get stuck on the dogs' fur. (Haven't figured out a solution to this one yet!)
  7. Having to run to the Post Office constantly to ship packages when I could be paying for postage online and printing labels, then ordering a home pickup... if I had a working printer! (Solved this one by finally giving in and buying a printer. I'm pretty sure the gas and time I'll save from not having to make those PO trips will pay for the printer in no time at all!)

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Some pet peeves I have no control over - like going to a gas station with pay-at-the-pump, but you still have to go inside for a receipt because they didn't replace the paper at the pump.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      At first I thought this was about odd behavior by pets. Oops.


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