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my rabbit bites presants and my sofa what should i do ?

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    tazzee101posted 8 years ago

    my rabbit bites presants and my sofa what should i do ?

  2. brad4l profile image78
    brad4lposted 8 years ago

    While I do not have a rabbit, I know that there are some things my dog likes to bite, empty meat trays comes to mind, so my solution is to not leave her around these things when not supervised. Perhaps a similar plan, whereby you do not leave your rabbit unsupervised around the sofa and presents would be a good solution...

  3. Bunniez profile image83
    Bunniezposted 8 years ago

    Tazzee asks "How do I get my rabbit to stop chewing on the sofa and on my presents?"  Good question, Tazzee, and a problem that many rabbit owners face when they keep their rabbits indoors. First of all, good for you for making your bunny an indoor... read more

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    Singh1987posted 8 years ago

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