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Is it possible for a bed bug rash to appear several days after getting bit?

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    jmccoy@wowway.composted 7 years ago

    Is it possible for a bed bug rash to appear several days after getting bit?

    After vacation rash appears 5 days later.  I did see a small bug in bed one day on trip, but thought it was just a small beetle, and there are lots of bugs in Florida.  No bites appeared while there, so did not worry.  Now lots of bites.  If this is bedbugs do we worry that we brought them home too?

  2. philc2013 profile image54
    philc2013posted 7 years ago

    Logically, it makes sense. Mosquito bites usually don't show up until they are scratched.

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    Pearldiverposted 7 years ago

    If you have been sleeping in a bed infested with bed bugs then you will have also carried them to your next bed..... unless you have actually killed off the bugs as a result of them biting you and finding your blood is what they call 'bug-ged.'
    You realise; I guess; that some members of the opposite sex can also leave you with a rash (or bugs btw) and those rashes tend to take between 4-10 days to appear.  This seems to be more likely, I'm sorry to say.
    Go to the doctor and expose yourself to him/her.  I'm sure after a month or three; you will completely free of your infection. Good Luck.... Don't share it with others though and get rid of your bedding if indeed it is alive.

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    Bed bug guruposted 7 years ago

    Yes it is possible for it to appear later, but it usually occurs within 24 hours.

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    MikeRourkeposted 6 years ago

    Bedbug invasion when it comes to wardrobe typically comes about if you keep any wardrobe in your own closet for long. Consequently these bugs slowly but surely attain entry ways straight into your own home, they can get some sort of risk-free spot in the dresses.

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    Isolate this wardrobe which may have this pests. In case you make an effort removing these the likelihood is that they're going to get spread around to many other spots in the apartment. For that reason speedily bring the entire wardrobe straight into a a different place, in which there will be simply no household furniture, bedding as well as wardrobe for these bugs to evade.


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    rogerferero12posted 6 years ago

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