Hi! Me again. Our unit is direct water fed. We are not using the spicket while t

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    Mike_Bposted 7 years ago

    Hi! Me again. Our unit is direct water fed. We are not using the spicket while the coffee is brewing

    The person in charge thinks there is just enough hot water in the machine to make a pot of coffee so when we use the spicket to make two cups of tea, the next time he brews coffee, the pot is two cups short. I know that is not how it works but I can't explain it to him. Can you please explain the process and what the real problem may be? Thanks.

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    TurtleDogposted 7 years ago

    Hi Mike_B ... ok I don't have a great answer for you. I went into work and pulled the service manual that a vending machine company left for me in case I needed to do a little work on the unit.  I went through the manual and it does not address issues with the hot water faucet and the water/coffee level. I thought it might have something but the manual itself is fairly technical. If I wanted to adjust the unit's solenoid valve, we'd be in good shape but regarding the spigot I couldn't find any info.

    I did a little searching online. I did come up with a tech service email address for Bunn. The might be able to answer your question.  You'll need to give then your unit serial number.  I also included the website address as well if you want to check that out. email: tech.service@bunnomatic.com.   also www.bunnomatic.com

    Sorry I couldn't help out better. For a moment I thought if I could answer this too, I'd write a separate hub on this solution. No dice.  Thanks for the question though.