My neighbors are very different from us. They are very into appearances and want

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    Sparkle52posted 7 years ago

    My neighbors are very different from us. They are very into appearances and want to dictate to us?

    Help, my neighbor blocked of my southeast corner with a fence. Our yard is now drenched most of the time. This would be the wealth corner on the bagua. I am thinking about a french drain but that is very costly. A friend suggested that I bring in a lot of earth elements for this corner to detract from the negative energy my neighbors pour out into the whole side yard. What do you think I should try?

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    Iris Lebowposted 7 years ago

    Without seeing the spot and knowing HOW wet it is I don't know if my suggestion will help, but the very first thought that comes to mind is to plant something there that drinks large, large amounts of water.  It will do two things:  one is take away much of the water and stabilize the soil and the second is put something in your wealth area that represents and in fact is growth that should translate to growth in your wealth. 

    Also, an avid gardener let me suggest river birch trees.  You would have to go to your nursery to inquire about the exact variety of river birches that will sop up a lot of water.  Also, NON-invasive bamboo.  If you buy the invasive kind you will have other problems later, but the non invasive kind drink a lot of water and are very fast growing.  They are also very auspicious in Feng Shui.

    Most important of all is that you must not allow your neighbors' acts let a pervasive attitude of negativity befall you.  Try to stay positive as you do your cures.  You may even end up with a better situation had this never happened!

    Keep smiling,
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